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getTread is a Startup transforming the entire tire Industry with its Mobile tire installation service. getTread provides an online platform to the users for purchasing the tires for their car and installation service for the tires at the requested location of the users. For the first time in Century, getTread is providing the mobile installation service with their invention of Mobile tire installation Van.

getTread is integrated with a very unique and powerful tire search module to serve customers with various brands, size and type of tires a user can opt for their vehicles. The users can select the tire for their vehicle as per the preferred brand, tire size, custom tire size, type of tires, etc. and can schedule an appointment of Installation of the tire at their location. The users are provided with various other services such as insurance of the purchased tire, road damage covers for tires, etc. which can be purchased directly from the getTread online platform. getTread is a custom-built web application in which most of the WooCommerce default functionality has been customized and extended to provide an exceptional user experience to customers. Product search is powered by a third-party extension that guides the user so that they can opt & compare the tires, select the tire location on car, book an appointment and request for the tire to be installed with the broadest selection range of products at an unbeatable price with a quick shop process at a fast-on-door delivery. getTread User interface and User experience are the key elements of the platform, as even a naive user can easily purchase the tire & book an installation from their device.

Integration of all the possibilities in getTread, it provides a whole new way to purchase tire only and get it installed at your location instead of waiting for hours in the Garage. Currently, users can buy the tire from anywhere in the United States, and the on-demand tire installation service is available in Orlando, Florida. Evince is in the process for the expansion of getTread on-demand installation service all over the United States in the second version of the custom web-application.