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eCitibiz is an e-Governance platform developed for the Ministry of Interior, Nigeria to manage the Human affairs process in the Government. ECitibiz was an initiative for the digital transformation of the entire Nation by implementing Government technology trends. eCitibiz provides an online platform to the citizens of Nigeria for applying for various e-Governance registration such as marriage registration, Nigerian citizenship, business permits, expatriate quota & different administration procedures integrated within the Ministry of Interior, Nigeria.

eCitibiz integrated with multiple modules of e-Governance. The citizen can log in/register on the platform, select the type of e-Governance registration form, fill in the details, submit the form online or offline, complete the payment online or via bank deposit, and finally submit the generated document for Government approval. eCitibiz also provides the Ministry of Interior, Nigeria, with a complete solution for the management of various e-Governance processes

Integration of all the possibilities within eCitibiz, it provides citizens of Nigeria an easy & convenient way to apply for e-Governance registration instead of waiting for hours in the queue and also automated the management process for the Ministry of Interior, Nigeria.