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Eatance is an On-demand custom web & mobile application that automates the process of ordering food from multiple restaurants delivering to user location and providing a hassle-free process for the Restaurants to run their food delivery business online on a large scale. Eatance is a SaaS-based Platform integrated with separate end-user, driver, and restaurant application. The User interface design and User experience is the crucial factor for the success of Eatance. End-user can directly access the list of the restaurants delivering nearby their location and select the food from their favourite restaurants. The end-user can place the order via using online payment or cash on delivery, while in the real-time restaurant will receive a notification on the application for accepting the request and delivery assistant assigned for the particular order will collect the food from Restaurant and deliver it to the end-user. Eatance also provides the option for the end-user to book a reservation at their preferred restaurants.

Eatance is helping a lot of restaurants around the world to increase the revenue and profitability of their business, along with adding new customers. On the other side, employment is growing for the delivery assistant, and end-users are satisfied with the seamless service of on-demand food delivery at their doorstep.

Integration of all the possibilities within Eatance, it is a quick way for the users to order their food, effective means for restaurants and delivery assistant to increase revenue & overall transforming the On-demand food delivery services around the Globe.