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DelEx Application is an innovative SaaS-based logistics solution. The application provides management for the delivery of goods all over the Nordic regions. DelEx transforms the Transportation & Logistic industry by providing a seamless solution to monitor & control the entire process of delivering the products and associated services.

DelEx is integrated with the service provider web application, installer and driver mobile application, which allows the business owners to monitor & transport their goods safely to the consumers quickly. DelEx provides the service provider web application with management for order received from customers, create an assignment with the group of orders, assign vehicles & drivers for a particular shipment, plan the route for the shipment, track the driver & vehicle activity in real-time, and essential updates on the status of the delivery completion. On the other hand, installer & driver mobile application allows them to navigate the route of the shipment, send & receive real-time notification from the admin, communicate with the admin & consumer and raise the issue in the case of any emergency. Installer module is integrated with different services such as technician, electrician, plumber, etc. which provides the service provider the option to check real-time progress in the completion of job and support customer throughout the service period.

Integration of all the possibilities within DelEx, it provides an efficient way to manage & monitor the shipment of goods and also allow various service providers to manage the vehicles & follow the service provided to the consumer.