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ChemRx is a long-term care pharmacy and has been in business for over 50 years of expertise in serving many industries and provide prescription and non-prescription drugs, intravenous medications, durable medical equipment items, and surgical supplies for approximately 55,000 residents.

ChemRx App is an easy-to-use and intuitive customer portal that allows immediate transmittal of news and events information. The targeted audience receives relevant and customized notifications regarding upcoming events and LTC industry news. ChemRx app is capable of reminding users when the date of an event they indicated interest in, is approaching, and, also collect Customer Satisfaction Survey results, which will be used by ChemRx to help improve future events. Admin user can use the same application (no separate panel), for managing all activities and generate reports and surveys.

Integration of all the possibilities within ChemRX, it provides people a convenient and immediate way to transmit news and events information.