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CCCure is leading Quiz and certification providers, offer 17+ certification for students. CCCure have questions that contain thorough explanations of the BEST and also the incorrect answers. For any quiz generation application, the most crucial component will be the ‘Questions,’ both in terms of quality and quantity. CCCure has a variety of question types ranging from the traditional true or false, multiple-choice question types to advanced scenario-based and hot spot question types. CCCure allows any registered user to submit a question, which has to be approved by the admin before making it available for the quizzes.

CCCure used by the individuals as well as the Educational Institutions or Trainers considered as a Bulk user. The Bulk account users have the facility to manage the instructors, batches, and students. CCCure keeps track of all the quizzes taken by the users and provides accurate and relevant statistics, which will help the users to gain insights about their expertise in the study area. CCCure is a subscription-based application and offers flexible packages for both individual and bulk users. User can pay for the chosen package directly from the app through the PayPal payment gateway.

Integration of all the possibilities within CCCure, it provides a vast knowledge base of multiple prestigious certifications, which helps the users to reach their goal with ease and confidence. The CCCure has the function to select the quiz type, quiz timmer, paused and resume the quiz, save the quiz, and review the saved question. Evince integrated CCCure with third-party tools for help desk and advertisements and provided simple payment gateway functionality for the users.