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ASAP is a SaaS-based innovative startup in the transportation industry. ASAP is prominent for the sharing economy as it is breaking down the issues for the people in Nordic regions & United States to transport their goods. News & Media reports ASAP as Uber of Transportation in the entire Nordic region and recently expanding the business to the United States. ASAP is a company offering a platform that eases the process of people to order carriers for transportation and various utility services.

ASAP is an application that supports the immediate and effective delivery of the goods or products with the help of Native mobile app and web application. While the customer has placed the order, various service providers/carriers get notified on their smartphones & registered e-mail, which helps them to apply for the job from anywhere and provide the service to the customer. Customer can opt from the bids submitted by various carriers after comparing the offers. The customer will accept the proposals, and the deal will be considered locked between both the parties. The ASAP administrator actively verifies all the carriers before allowing the profile to submit a bid on the platform and provide the services to the end-users.

Integration of all the possibilities within ASAP, it provides people a convenient way to transport their goods without any hassle and damages. Evince is in the process of developing the second version of ASAP which will allow the people around Nordic regions and the United States to book Utility services such as Carpenter, Electricians, Plumbers, Gardener, and Nanny.