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Case Study

CareU - Vehicle Tracking System for Fleet Managers

Technology :


Industry :

Transport & Logistic

Objective :

An Advanced SAAS based Vehicle tracking system with fuel management, Over speeding alert, POI, Rash drive alerts, Driver management and much more.

1. Overview of the Project

CAREU is an exclusive solution for fleet managers. The system is integrated with a number of trackers which allow the users to fetch Real-time online information about fuel level in the tank, fuel variation, engine speed (RPM) and engine coolant temperature so the fleet managers can determine if there are any problems in the engine.

These trackers also inform the users about overall details of the vehicle like total and average fuel consumption, total mileage, maximum engine speed and maximum engine temperature, etc.

The system has DYNAMIC START/STOP ENGINE through which admin is able to start/stop the vehicle at any time by prompting a command to start/stop fuel passage.

The system has a functionality to highlight alerts that affect driver performance. The admin can send alert Email/SMS on certain conditions like over pedal, the vehicle crossing Geofence, harsh break, RPM, increased temperature, malfunction attacks, and so on.

The system lets you track fleet activity using the daily fleet trips log. The log shows every trip driven by the vehicles and drivers so one can analyze day-by-day usage patterns. These daily logs allow you to compare and contrast vehicle use and driver performance. One can find out details like Trip Distance, Trip Duration, Shortest route, captured diagnostic data, engine idle time tracking, rapid accelerations, harsh braking, Average Speed, Maximum Speed, etc. for each and every trip.

Also, some predefined conditions are stored in the system (like door open, door close, etc.). Whenever these conditions occur, alarms are activated in the system which in turn sends alert messages to the vehicle owner.

The System is integrated with Google/Bing/MapQuest maps, so the admin can track the details related to map like distance between two places, track the vehicle routes, predefined boundaries for a vehicle and Much more.

The fleet managers can get different reports for the vehicle performance, records for engine stop time, run time and halt time, the total number of engine's start and stop, trip details, engine details, Vehicle routes, record of fuel intake, fuel consumed, and fuel filled.

Live URL: http://geo.fanverson.com

2. Requirements for the Project

The client approached Evince Development with the requirements to revamp the existing website for CAREU keeping into consideration of the existing features with enhanced functionalities. The existing system was lacking in browser compatibility and page loading errors. New devices like CAREU U1, INTELLITRAK and CANBUS needed to be integrated into the current system. New enhancements like the direction and the shortest route between two places needed to be implemented. Graphs and charts for fuel filled, fuel consumed, speed, etc. needed to be designed and implemented. Alerts for over speed and door open. Graphical representation of the fuel injection update was required.


Protocols for CAREU U1, INTELLITRAK and CANBUS needed to be understood and data should be synced to server Database.
Logic to interpret the data and display in proper format in GUI
Alerts and Alarms to be generated as per the data interpretation

4. Solution

After having a thorough discussion, Evince team designed a window service (Proxy Server) which run parallel in threads to listen to the CAREU U1, INTELLITRAK and CANBUS devices, after proper configuration of respective devices. The data received in binary format was converted into readable data and stored at the server along with the original binary string. A new window service (Server Agent) was designed to process the received data simultaneously and raise an alert or alarm as per the data interpretation in the system.

5. Approach

Evince used ASP .Net 4.0 Framework and Entity Framework 5 for Database Operation. We have used MSSQL server 2008 R2 to store data. JavaScript is used to provide a secured solution with JQuery for different functions like form validation, animation, event handling, and Ajax interactions and AJAX for avoiding page loading.Evince used RDLC reports for reporting purposes and integrated Google GeoCode Service, Bing GeoCode Service and MapQuest API for Reverse GeoCoding.
Evince uses its own approach for software development which is the combination of various models like Scrum, Prototyping and Iterative model. Evince team goes through detailed analysis and requirement gathering and plans for such an approach for an effective solution that fulfills the client’s business requirements. After this, the team provides the blueprint and design of the proposed website. Once the front end UI gets approved by the client, the development is initiated. The system will be then tested stepwise and will be deployed to the client.

6. Features

Google Map, Bing Map, MapQuest Integration: Track the vehicle details and view the location in the Map along with Mileage, Current status (vehicle start, halt and stop details) and Driver details
Real time Vehicle Trackingdetails: Speed, Location,Temperature and RPM
Real time Fueldetails:Fuel Consumption, Fuel Level and Fuel Pressure
Alerts: Create alerts to receive SMS / Email for specified situations
Geo Fences:Create the Geo Fences [Define area in Map] to receive notifications when vehicles cross the defined Geo Fences
POIs: Create POIs with specific locations and receive the notifications when vehicles pass through the defined POI
Tours:Add Tours by selecting the locations for vehicle and manage the tours by ordering the locations or Optimize tours and system will optimize the tour route by arranging the location in order.
Nearest Vehicles: Find the nearest vehicles by selecting the location.
Reports:There are different reports available in the system for vehicle details like Engine Routes, Engine Fuel, Battery Level, POIs and Drivers.
Commands: Control vehicles with commands like Stop vehicle, and Start Stop tracking vehicle.

7. Benefits

CAREU is an excellent solution for managing vehicles. You can simply use this tracking system to get the current details of your vehicles. The system has excellent functionalities like dynamic ON/OFF facility for vehicle, defined boundaries for vehicles, track the vehicle details, etc. One can keep track of fuel consumption, speed limit, the route to be followed by using this system. The vehicle owner can get notified if the driver has moved out of specified boundary or crossed through a specific location. Moreover, they can keep an eye on driver activities like to exceed halt of the driver, start and stop time, the door is open while driving, etc.