Case Study

eCitiBiz – Ministry of Interior Citizenship & Business Department

Technology :

Dot-Net, ASP.NET MVC Framework, JQuery, JavaScript, MS SQL Server

Industry :

Public Sector


The main objective of eCitiBiz is to provide a digital platform to people of Nigeria for their legal handlings. eCitiBiz is a highly tailored and industry standard organizational operations system which captures all aspects of the functions of Department of Ministry of Interior, Nigeria.

Duration :

63 Weeks

1.Overview of the Project

eCitiBiz is a highly customizable and industry standard organizational operations system designed to electronically capture and pivot all aspects of the operations and work flow of the Citizenship and Business (C&B) Department of Ministry of Interior. The motive of eCitiBiz is to create a transparency of data, security & ease of management for its users to carry out some tedious legal tasks of months within a day. It best describes the integration and automation of the department, core functions, services and process for streamlined operations.
In eCitiBiz user can use many services like Marriage Application, Place of Worship License, Citizenship of Nigeria, Establishment grant Business (Expatriate Quota) License.
While Registration User will select anyone Account out of 3 in the registration form.
There are total 3 Accounts with different services and process.

2. Requirements for the Project

  1. The Client discussed some of the important requirements with Evince Development for eCitiBiz. The basic requirement was to build multiple modules like Marriage, Citizenship, Place of Worship, and Expatriate Quota.
  2. The other important requirement was to build a Management to handle applications for variety of tasks some of are like Apply for Marriage Certificate Re-Issue, Certified True Copy of Documents, Fees Details, Marriage Celebration Date Management, Project Tagged Quota, Relinquishment and many more.
  3. Portal will also help people to carry out different legal tasks like apply for citizenship, Place of Worship License, apply for Establishment Grant, File an Objection to Marriage and so on.
  4. Important Requirement is that create 3 Account types in the User portal having different Services and process.
  5. The requirement was also to build a Remita Integrated Payment System for Nigeria.


  1. The biggest challenge for Evince was to build interactive web application for every citizens of Nigeria with decent UI, create a smooth process with very clear understanding of tasks to perform.
  2. Technical difficulties to generalize a payment system for all applications.
  3. To Implement Sophisticated Audit Log for Every Single Task when performed.
  4. Being a public-faced website, Theme & proper working functionality across all the platforms should be highly available.
  5. Understanding this as a data-rich government platform it needs to be scalable & at the same time be very secure.
  6. To Implement Chat Functionality for Guest & Registered Users where user will be able to chat with admin (selected by system having rights to chat) & Log Tracking.
  7. A much needed log tracking & phase development is what we consider as a best challenge in this project.

4. Solution

After a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, Evince Development came up with a solution of developing a management module, which will be able to manage the flow, tracking of applications, logging, payment detail and much more.

Evince Development integrated portal with Remita payment gateway functionality for the exercising payments regarding every tasks & application.

Evince Development implemented its own chat module with log, tracking of messages, saving chat information for future use.

5. Approach

Evince follows its own approach for software development which is the combination of various models like Scrum, Prototyping and Iterative model & agile methodologies. Evince team goes through detailed analysis and requirements and plans for such an approach for an effective solution that fulfills the client’s business requirements. Blueprint and design of the proposed website is prepared. Once the client approves the front end UI, the development gets into motion, and then system would be on a test stepwise and then deployed on to the client server.

6. Benefits

Gone are those days when people were going to offices to apply for marriage, certificates, re-issues, citizenship or any other legal work. In today’s world, platform like eCitiBiz is a great digital office for people to manage their legal handlings. It is the best example for empowering the people to handle troublesome tasks of going in ministry offices & struggling for each legal application. eCitiBiz not only provides the best solution for legal matters, but it also helps people to maintain a transparency of their data provided to the officials regarding any matter. By having a proper management of their legal history & logs eCitiBiz has become a classic example for ministries of any country that how to carry out work fast, effective & parallel to maintaining transparency & quick service to its citizens.