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Case Study

ePacioli - Do It Your Way


Dot-Net, ASP.NET MVC Framework, Angular JS, JavaScript, MS SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3


Public Sector


The main aim of the project is to enable business of all sizes to engage top consulting and risk professionals for project based work. It has key features like Manage Candidate, Invite Candidates, Security, Tracking Application, and Privacy.


26 Weeks

1. Overview of the Project

ePacioli is a great platform to interact with people and to allow them to be more productive and innovative. It provides the opportunity for their members by enabling them to meet, exchange ideas, learn & find opportunities or freelancers, employees, work & makes decisions on an open network.
It encourages you to spend productive time into something worth by applying for work through portal’s easy flow just by signing up and entering details. It helps you get right people quickly and easily.

2. Requirements for the Project

  1. The Client discussed some of the important requirements with Evince Development for ePacioli. The basic requirement was to build social login (LinkedIn) integration & two step verification method.
  2. The other important requirement was to build a Management to post a job & get desired candidates.
  3. Portal will help companies to post a job along with job details. Portal asks to invite that candidate through email to get into the process of hiring. As candidate accepts the invitation, the candidate applies to the job through link.
  4. The requirement was also to build a PayPal Payment System through Multi Currency Option.

3. Challenges

  1. The initial challenge for Evince was to build a proper job management to create a smooth process & help find the right choice to the employers for hiring the talent through portal.
  2. To Implement eStamps Management System.
  3. To Implement Multi Currency PayPal Payment Management System.
  4. To Implement Advance Search Functionality with various filters like country, industry, job level, etc.for jobs, companies & people’s.
  5. To Implement & Integrating a Multi Country Structure in the portal.
  6. To Implement promotional features of Contact Synchronizing from Gmail Service.

4. Solution

After a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, Evince Development came up with a solution of developing an admin management module, which will be able to manage the eWomen management,eWomen approval and job assign, employer management,job listing and approval process,job tracking and progress reports, role-based admin access, job category management, third party test integration, rating and grading management for eWomen and employer, payment management, Email template management, website configuration and rich dashboard.

Evince Development integrated portal with third party tools for help desk, and PayPal payment gateway functionality for the users.

5. Approach

Evince follows its own approach for software development which is the combination of various models like Scrum, Prototyping and Iterative model. Evince team goes through detailed analysis and requirements and plans for such an approach for an effective solution that fulfills the client’s business requirements. Blueprint and design of the proposed website is prepared. Once the client approves the front end UI, the development gets into motion, and then the system would be on a test stepwise and then deployed on to the client server.

6. Portal Features

  1. eStamps Management
  2. Advertise Management
  3. Multi-Currency Management
  4. Tag Cloud
  5. Price Management
  6. Discount Management
  7. Advance Multi Search from nearby or through Zip code
  8. Intuitive Dashboard
  9. Refer a Friend with Bonus Stamps
  10. Automated Notification System
  11. LinkedIn and Google service Integration
  12. Vetting Process

7. Benefits

Gone are those days when talents were going to offices to apply for the job. In today’s world, a site like ePacioli is a great tool for talented people to help nurture & further polish their career. It is the best example for empowering, improving skills & encourage themselves by providing a platform which offers them the flexibility to work from home for anyone. ePacioli not only provides the best solution for different talents, but it also helps them to improve where they are falling behind and by this, brings improvement in their life.