Case Study

Website Developed to Sell Products on Multiple e-Commerce Platforms






Merchant across the globe can come to ‘Reach The World Web’ application to sell their products in marketplaces with rich & interactive seller panel.

1. Overview of the Project

Reach The World (RTW) is specifically designed for merchants who want to sell their products on multiple ecommerce platforms.

RTW will create a database by combining various database fields from various ecommerce platforms. RTW will gather all the categories, subcategories and product attribute from various 3rd party websites (like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart) and will create an interface where, there will be only one category, sub category.

For example, let’s say, Amazon has a category as ‘Toys’ and eBay has a category as ‘Toy’, both the categories will be linked to the category ‘Toys’ which will be a category in RTW. The same process will be followed for subcategories and product attributes. RTW will not collect the product details from any of the ecommerce platforms but only product attributes.

Merchants after registering to the application can update their products to RTW and provide their price. RTW will then sell them on various ecommerce platforms under ‘RTW’ brand name. RTW will have an option to change the price if necessary. RTW will pay the Merchant once the product is sold on any of the ecommerce platforms. Whenever RTW uploads a product in its database, it will be automatically displayed on the ecommerce platforms that are linked with.

Merchants of RTW will have the option to either ship the order themselves or ask RTW to do it for them.

If merchant wants to ship the goods themselves then,

1. The merchant will keep product inventory within their warehouses and manage shipment of all orders received in RTW warehouse

2. No Purchase Order will be generated from Merchant in this case.

Merchant can do manual or automated shipment.

In case of manual shipment;

  • Merchant has to update system for each product they are shipping with basic information.
  • Merchant can go for each order and update that information manually or can also import the EXCEL and update shipment details in bulk.

In case of automated shipment;

  • Merchant can configure their own courier accounts (FedEx, UPS or USPS) with RTW
  • Merchant can do shipment by clicking on the SHIPMENT button for each order, which will present Merchant with options to choose the courier (FedEx, UPS or USPS).
  • Merchant can choose any courier option and proceed with the shipment
  • It will make a call to the courier shipment API and update the order in the system with Courier Tracking Reference.

If RTW is managing the Order Fulfillment for any merchant then,

1. Merchant will keep product inventory with RTW warehouses.

2. Merchant has to update in system about all inventory that they are moving from their warehouses to RTW warehouse

3. RTW warehouse inventory team will validate the stock and raise Purchase Order (PO) to Merchant on acceptance of inventory.

2. Requirements for the Project

The Client approached Evince with this unique idea of being able to sell a product on various ecommerce platforms through a single account.

3. Challenges

1. 2 Step Google Authentication (QR Code)

2. Product Attribute Management (Amazon, FlipKart, Paytm)

3. Attribute Mapping with third party platforms

4. Category Mapping with third party platforms

5. Multiple database connectivity and MSSQL

6. Import/export product attributes through Excel

4. Solution

The client has a clear idea of what needs to be done, but not how it is to be achieved. So, the task of developing an optimal solution came down to Evince. The first step is to check if the third party ecommerce platforms provide the details of their categories, subcategories and product attributes. After multiple discovery sessions with client and understating the requirements, Evince suggested CodeIgniter with MSSQL as technology.

Mapping categories, subcategories and product attributes are the heart of the project, for this Evince came up with a wizard style of functioning, where admin of the RTW will be able to map the attributes of the RTW to attributes of various ecommerce platforms.

RTW is equipped with a unique and highly secure 2 step Google authentication which also includes authentication through scanning of QR code.

5. Approach

Evince uses its own approach for software development which is the combination of various models like Scrum, Prototyping and Iterative model. Evince team goes through detailed analysis and requirement gathering and plans for such an approach for an effective solution that fulfills the client’s business requirements. After this, the team provides the blueprint and design of the proposed website. Once the front end UI gets approved by the client, the development is initiated. The system will be then tested stepwise and will be deployed to the client.

Evince used PHP CodeIgniter framework and Javascript to provide a secured solution with JQuery for different functions like form validation, animation, event handling, and Ajax interactions and AJAX for avoiding page loading.

6. Website Features

  • Merchant account
  • Multiple Warehouse management
  • Shipping management
  • Sub account (module wise permission)
  • Dynamic categories
  • Bulk upload of products
  • Product verification
  • Catalogue rules
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Returns
  • 3rd party Finance apps integration
  • Reports
  • Sales Dashboard (compare sales)
  • Restock
  • Offers

7. Benefits

RTW is a unique application that has been helping the merchants all over the world since its inception. Apart from providing all the benefits of a typical e-commerce platform, RTW will help the merchants in three of the most important factors;

Time: Merchants will save a considerable amount of time by managing the products from a single platform.

Sales: Increases the sales by spreading the visibility of the product by displaying it on various marketplaces

Hassel free: Merchant can enjoy the benefits of ecommerce without having to go through the hardships of category management, shipping management, customer support and much more such features.