Case Study

Ecommerce Website for Selling Men’s Clothing and Accessories Online

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Objective :

The main aim of the project is to create a unique ecommerce website specialized in men’s clothing & accessories with multiple advanced features and three different screens Desktop, iPad and Mobile devices.

1. Overview of the Project

NMWA is an ecommerce website specifically designed for men who resist masses and invests in substance.

Products displayed on this website are handpicked and verified by the team of NMWA, by traveling the world looking for great artisans and designers, often heirs several generations in their craft.

A responsive, customized design is developed in Magento to elevate and inspire the true essence of NMWA. NMWA has different designs to suit the layout and resolution of various devices. Unique icons are also designed to represent each category.

Users can access the website, either as a guest user or registered user. Anyone can register to the website free of charge by providing some basic details.

Guest users will be able to browse through all the available products and pay for them at the checkout. Guest user will be able to sign in with Amazon account details to use their saved delivery and payment information.

However registered users will have the experience of using the unique modules of the website like;

1.Collective Actions

2.Best fit


Collective Actions

In this section registered users will be able to cast their votes on 3 of the products displayed. The displayed products can be anything from clothing to shopping. The User will be able to vote only once. The product with maximum votes will be sold at a special discount price. All the users who have voted will receive a notification at the end of the time period. NMWA will partner with various brands for this purpose.

Best Fit

NMWA believes that for the user to find the best possible fit for any of the items that they like on this site, the most effective way is to compare the measurements with those of similar garments that already fit them well.

NMWA has set up "My Best Fit" as a simple way to store registered user’s own garment measurements for a variety of items and easily have the My Best Fit module find the closest fit for you for any garment.

NMWA recommends entering measurements for several types of garments for it to be most useful. For example, you will not want to compare the measurement of a leather bomber to a suit jacket. While both are jackets, they are cut and meant to fit very differently - so you should add several items from your wardrobe that you will be able to use as reference points.

These sizes will help as a reference when a user is buying products from the website. NMWA is also equipped with videos to help the users in measuring the garments effectively.


A gallery is a place where customers of the NMWA can submit their photos showcasing the products that they have purchased. Each image will be linked to a URL of the product. So, when any user clicks on the image they will be redirected to the page of that particular product, making the search for the product very easier.


Brands will also be able to log into the application to manage their products and their attributes. There won’t be any registration process for brands, a super admin has to create a log in details for them.

2. Requirements for the Project

Even though it’s an eCommerce platform, in a nutshell, the vision of the client in achieving it is not so clear in the beginning. Evince collaborated with the client from the very beginning to understand and visualize the requirements of the client. Below are few of the requirements initially shared by the client;

  • Intuitive Design
  • Shop by brands
  • Social shares
  • Amazon integration for address and payment details
  • Out of stock notification


  • Created a Unique Responsive layout for various devices, when the concept of responsiveness is new.
  • Best-fit – displaying the products based on best fit measurements. To achieve this requirement, we have twisted Magento default attribute features to suit the requirements of the client.
  • Debugging a problem that we have faced in the default ‘AheadWorks’ ‘Refer a Friend’ Extension. ‘AheadWorks’ had to modify their default extension and provide a new extension to Evince.
  • Deciding the flow and creating the wireframes based on the client’s ideas for unique features like ‘Collective Action’, ‘Makers’, ‘Best Fit’ and ‘Picture upload Gallery’.

4. Solution

After a thorough understanding of the client’s vision and requirements, Evince came up with a solution of developing a customized eCommerce platform through Magento. Evince developed a sleek design with customized icons to give the website a unique look and feel.

5. Approach

Evince follows its own approach to software development which is the combination of various models like Scrum, Prototyping and Iterative model. Evince team goes through detailed analysis and requirements and plans for such an approach for an effective solution that fulfills the client’s business requirements. After this, the team provides the blueprint and design of the proposed website. Once the front end UI gets approved by the client, the development is initiated. The system will be then tested stepwise and will be deployed to the client.

6. Website Features

  • Search
  • Customized wish list
  • Shop by brands
  • Best fit
  • Shipping
  • Returns
  • Newsroom (Tumbler Integration)
  • Collective action
  • Gallery
  • Social share
  • Customized responsive design
  • Brands page
  • Out of stock notification
  • Third party integrations like Shipworks and ERP.

7. Benefits

Users of NMWA will have direct access to the products designed and produced by craftsmen across the globe. NMWA is the solution for men who are seeking a clothing style that is a unique mixture of class style and craftsmanship.