Case Study

TranScan – Application System for Logistics

Technology :

Dot-Net -ASP.NET MVC Framework, Angular JS, JavaScript, MS SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3


The participating TRANSCAN funding organizations emphasize the promotion of innovative interdisciplinary collaboration and truly translational research projects. The research projects submitted within this call will be based on novel ideas stemming from consolidated previous results and will be endowed with a strong translational research orientation.


26 weeks

1.Overview of the Project

TSA is a new and fresh approach on Logistics Management. TSA is a simple yet powerful way to track the delivery of goods and services associated with them. TSA will help its users to seamlessly manage orders received from various customers, create an assignment with a group of orders, and also assign vehicles and drivers and track them in real time. System’s Transformation Engine (TE), which is an integral part of TSA, will constantly look for orders from different customers and will automatically transform the plain text input files of orders into Database format.
Just drag and drop orders to a vehicle, to create an assignment with multiple orders! Our clear and intuitive design provides a hassle-free user experience while assigning and/or not assigning orders to a vehicle. TSA allows sending real-time notifications to intimate the drivers regarding the new assignment although they are offline!

2. Requirements for the Project

  • The Client discussed some of the important requirements with Evince for TSA.
  • The basic requirement was taking different orders and Services from customers and delivery of the goods to the end users.
  • The other important requirement was to map the plain Text order input file to the system Database. Also, there was a requirement to dynamically map the order fields.
  • The other main requirement was to develop a windows service that can periodically check the availability for Order Input Files.
  • The client wanted a functionality which includes taking multiple orders from the retailers and assigning them to different drivers (delivery persons) by checking availability of drivers in a specific shift. Others include delivery according to the customers given time, chat management, etc.


  • The challenge for Evince was to extract plain text order input file and map the order details to the Database.
  • Technical Difficulty in implementing Drag & Drop orders.
  • Create a new instance for a company.

4. Solution

  • After having a thorough discussion, Evince team designed a Parser by using Regular Expression to convert plain text order input file to the system Database.
  • Evince used HTML5 drag & drop functionality for Order Assignment functionality. Evince used IIS APIs to create new instance of application with new blank Database associated with newly created company.
  • A module was designed where admin can design different zones to cover different regions.
  • A separate module Product Code Matrix was designed where different products and services (like installation, plumbing, delivery to stairway) related to those products can be managed.
  • Here, Admin can also provide a functionality to calculate delivery charge if the region is unknown. Evince came up with various efficient functionality like Chat Management, invoice filter management, etc.

5. Approach

Evince uses its own approach for software development which is the combination of various models like Scrum, Prototyping and Iterative model. Evince team goes through detailed analysis and requirement gathering and plans for such an approach for an effective solution that fulfills the client’s business requirements. After this, the team provides the blueprint and design of the proposed website. Once the front end UI gets approved by the client, the development is initiated. The system will be then tested stepwise and will be deployed to the client.
Evince used ASP .Net MVC 5 Framework and Entity Framework 6 for Database Operation. We have used MSSQL server 2012 to store data. JavaScript is used to provide a secured solution with JQuery for different functions like form validation, animation, event handling, and Ajax interactions and AJAX for avoiding page loading. HTML5 drag & drop functionality for Order Assignment. SignalR was used for chat functionality.


  1. Dynamic file-mapping: Automate the scanning process for order files and mapping of any standard file types i.e. csv, xls, xlsx and xml etc., to push orders to database.
  2. Order File Management: Push multiple orders at the same time to the server.
  3. Service Management: Provides Professional Installation Services (like Installation, electronics and electric services, mounting kitchen accessories, plumbing, etc.) related to the product.
  4. Tour Management: Assign/Unassigned number of orders by checking driver availability.
  5. Google Map Integration: Have a map view of the orders (with brief information) before creating an assignment.
  6. Offline Delivery: Mobile device users can work offline. Upon internet data connectivity, the device will synchronize with server.
  7. Barcoding: Predefined standard barcodes are available for prompt changes in order status.
  8. Chat Management: Real time, Signal R-based Chat application included with Push notification feature.
  9. Scalable: System can add number of customers.
  10. Flexible: Seamlessly communicate on various mobile device platforms.
  11. Shipping Management
  12. Vehicle Tracking
  13. Scheduling
  14. CRM

7. Benefits

  • TSA is a great solution for handling number of orders to be delivered to the customers.
  • The most important thing to be noticed here is the minimization of documentation. TSA acts as a one-stop tool for the back office.
  • A great advantage for mobile device users is they can work offline. Upon internet data connectivity, the device will synchronize with server.
  • If the driver is connected to the Internet, system can track the containers as well.