Case Study

Fytter – Role Based Application For Fitness Centers

Technology :

.Net, iOS

Industry :



A single easy to use and independent platform to remain Fit and healthy. This platform allows users to buy fitness institute passes on the fly with their preferred time, preferred activity, City, Area and budget.

1.Overview of the Project

The main idea of the Fytter Application was to create a single platform for various stakeholders of Fitness like end users and fitness centers. Fytter mobile application is developed for end users, whereas the super admin and fitness centers use the web application to manage various activities of the application.
Through Fytter Application, the user will have the option to search for various fitness activities like yoga, gym, spin class, etc. as per their preferable location. The system displays nearby results whenever user searches for services. User can also perform search operation by entering Postal Code of any area. Users can also get some promotional coupons for different fitness centers.
Fitness Centers will have to register with the web application by providing certain basic details of their company. A Super Admin has to go through these details and perform an offline verification of the details provided by the fitness centers. Based on verification, super admin will have the option to approve/reject the fitness center’s application. Verified fitness centers have separate web admin panel to manage all their services and bookings.
Fitness centers will be responsible for managing various services that they provide, time slots associated with each service and the bookings for each service. Upon successful registration, end user will be able to search, view, book, and cancel various services. The application is divided into the following sections.

  • Website 
  • Web Admin Panel (fitness centers)
  • Web Super Admin Panel (Owner of the Application)
  • Mobile Application (iOS for End Customer)

2. Requirements for the Project

The client approached Evince with the requirements to develop a solution that serves both users and fitness centers purpose. The main requirement was to apply some criteria based on which the admin can consider fitness center’s application and add it to the system. The other requirement search functionality for fitness activities are based on user’s current location and provided pin code as well. Client wanted a functionality where super Admin and fitness centers will work based on the commission's system. Whenever the end user pays for a certain service through a particular fitness center the amount will be deposited to the super admin account. It is the responsibility of the super admin to pay the fitness centers as per the commission rates that are mutually agreed upon.


As the application had to be developed from scratch, it was challenging for the team to build the application with requirement flow changes.
Complex logic was required for implementing work flow for both the fitness centers and super admin.
Implementing filter functionality for users to select nearby centers

Instead of wallet system, team faced many challenges in designing passes for end users for different activities. Functionality that groups number of passes together for a particular user with specific details
Role based authorization and separate web application for number of websites

4. Solution

After having a thorough discussion, Evince team initiated to process of designing different pages by following startup page process. Role based authentication and authorization for different roles like Super Admin and number of fitness centers to implement workflow from one role to another. Team used MKPoint Annotation to show pins on the map that provide latitude and longitude of the destination so that when user apply filter, we fetch latitude and longitude and show annotation on the map. For pass design, we used custom cell, in which we created a similar view as design and implemented view translation for flipping the pass. To design grouped passes, we used table view for that we design table view cell in line by line order so it will look like Apple wallet pass.

5. Approach

Evince used ASP .Net 4.5 Framework and Entity Framework 5 for Database Operation. We have used MSSQL server 2008 R2 to store data. JavaScript is used to provide a secured solution with JQuery for different functions like form validation, animation, event handling, and Ajax interactions and AJAX for avoiding page loading.
For mobile application, team used core graphics framework. Map-Kit was used for mapping functionality and pass design. We have used UI-Kit framework for user interface design. Mobile core service framework is used for sharing files between two applications.


  • Easy menu to choose the service
  • Map integration
  • Payment integration
  • Blog Integration
  • Rating option
  • Social Media Integration
  • Role based Authentication and Authorization
  • Scalable design
  • Simple UI/UX

7. Benefits

Fytter is an excellent approach for booking and buying things online. This will also allow people to search and purchase for fitness services online. Fytter application will help the users to break the boring conventional fitness methods and will give them the flexibility in selecting and purchasing various services. The application will be beneficial for the users as discounts are provided for various services.