World Shutdown. Cities Lockdown. Empty Streets. But, Your Web Store Could Still Be Open For Business.

eCommece website during pandemic

COVID-19 global pandemic is one of the defining moments of 2020. Its effect might last longer than we think. The virus shock has left the world void with schools, restaurants, theatres, gyms, banks, and everything else remaining closed. This has not only affected our day-to-day life but also in our approach & response towards lockdown, isolation, and at last uncertainty. In the middle of all this, businesses and especially the retail segment is affected the most. During such time, could relying on eCommerce development services help to carry on with the business as usual? 

It seems like we are living in unprecedented times. Wherein on one side, COVID-19 has disrupted in-store traffic for the retail sector while others have seen a boom in online shopping. Whichever the case it may be, one thing is quite clear that with globalization, the world is now interconnected, and so do the economy. In such a situation, if one tries to supersede the other – we are only adding woes to the ‘Global Market Risks.’

If one wants, one can see an advantage in every adversity. Many tech innovations are going on in every sector, especially in healthcare. A few health startups have already delivered digital solutions using thermal imaging apps, wearable bands to identify any physiological change and more. Tech innovations have come to rescue before and especially in a situation like now. Even amid lockdown, drone deliveries can be managed for medical supplies, day-to-day essentials in remote areas, and more.

The COVID-19 global pandemic shutdown has struck hard on the retail segment. However, many retail brands beg to differ with the view. Mainly because their sales figures haven’t affected or slump like others because of their business presence online. Yes, even amid COVID-19, a handful of businesses didn’t see any fluctuations in terms of sales, such as daily essentials, etc. Online retail brands seem to have carried on with business as usual even during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with a complete lockdown now almost everyone is experiencing shipping delays with the supply chain affected.

Having your eCommerce store for your products and services certainly can put you in advantage in critical times. The current imbalance & uncertainty in the global economy has undoubtedly led to panic buying and complex online shopping behavior. A direct advantage with your eCommerce web solution during such outbreaks is that you can still work on creating a terrific marketing moment. In times like these, you can create a marvel for your eCommerce business if you have your eCommerce store up and ready. If you don’t have one, it is time to get one! You could choose the best from the available pool of eCommerce web development services available.

In any scenario, digital transformation should be our primary focus to come up with digital solutions that could help businesses to strive against such unknown threats. Let’s see how having an eCommerce store can put your business worries at bay:

1 – Don’t Upsell Products. Upsell Convenience & Safety.

Social Distancing’ remains one of the top ways to stay safe from virus infection. The quarantine time is undoubtedly taking away a customer’s in-store experience to satisfy their purchase. However, it also allows you to offer services via your ecommerce store.

The COVID-19 infection fear will last long even after the lockdown ends. It will still be in the best interest of everybody to trade with a safe physical distance. Come to think of it, having your web store right now is the best time to build your brand trust during ongoing uncertain times.

2 – Let The Customer Community Grow Stronger

Online shopping has surged during the COVID-19 virus outbreak, wherein people are stocking up not only medicines online but also toilet paper. The current calamity has taught us to adopt digital transformation in full capacity. Also, consumers are increasingly using digital methods to prepare for any emergency. 

Retailers have an opportunity to showcase smooth, frictionless, and fast experience via an eCommerce website. One might think that the promotions, discounts, etc. will find no room amid COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. To surprise the thought, many ‘Digital Native Vertical Brands’ seem to have taken another approach.

It is quite clear that many brands are currently running a discount or sale. However, a significant number of those brands are also explicitly addressing the coronavirus situation and other health and safety language in their campaigns.

3 – Look After Your B2B customers

Humans respond to crises in different ways. When faced with an uncontrollable situation, we tend to over-prepare rather than under-prepare. From bulk-buying to online shopping – the spending pattern is changing in terms of what we are buying (daily essentials) when we are buying goods (limited availability as in current lockdown), and most importantly, how (using online channels).

Getting your web store ready from an eCommerce web development company is highly beneficial to you during the current time. Not only this allow you to follow health and safety protocols, but also you can address relevant information to your B2B customers. With simple & easy functionalities – you can streamline product information, pricing & other inventory functionalities to deliver a compelling user experience.    

4 – Streamline Your Returns Process

With the ongoing situation, there is a drop-off in brick-and-mortar shopping. Hiring eCommerce web developers is one of the surefire ways to increase sales for your eCommerce store as they can immensely help with the simplified product return process.

5 – Understanding The Demand & Supply Chain Disruptions

Times like these may lead to frustration for not being sure of anything. The global economy seems to be on a roller-coaster ride from the 1st quarter of 2020. It is still unclear as of now whether we will experience a potential demand or supply shock or both – only time will tell. But yes, the impact of COVID-19 has disrupted the ongoing everyday supply chain.

Having a web store will put you in control of at least how your SKU’s (stock keeping unit), inventory, and sales are managed. A better option would be to go for the Custom eCommerce Development as it will help your eCommerce brand to enlist marketing & content production also. You can also customize your web store for customers to initiate the return process via the eCommerce store as well as track the progress of the shipment. An eCommerce Website Development Company can help you to optimize your web store’s performance & stability during the peaks in traffic.

6 – Safety Comes First For All

eCommerce solutions do help in the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. However, the end process requires your goods & products to be delivered physically. The ongoing operations of the logistics companies do pose a threat, but they have also put preventive measures in place.

What seems to be working for many brands is by letting their customers know about the process & actions involved till the end. It means making them aware of the precautions taken by the logistics team until the time how their products will be delivered.


The demand for eCommerce is surging dramatically amidst the COVID-19 coronavirus situation. With the current trend & changes in customer behavior – it is safe to say that a quick launch of an eCommerce store would be highly beneficial. 

The long term prospect for the web store considering the current online shopping behavior seems to be going stronger. As the future seems uncertain with global market risks looming, demand & supply shock and deadly infectious disease prompt us to build a solid business base with an eCommerce store.

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