Winning Becoming A Habit.

Winning Becoming A Habit

The year is about to end, and Christmas is just around the corner. There is no other better way to celebrate the year-end by knowing that all your hard work has paid off in the form of recognition and title as the “Top eCommerce Developers in New York 2019”.

Everyone knows the ball game. It takes perseverance, hard and smart work, dedication, discipline, and many other qualities to be on top. However, the difficult part is to remain at the top or keep winning back to back.

Courtesy and a heart full of thank you to late Mr. Vince Lomardi (a marvelous NFL coach) for summarizing ‘the moment’ and putting it into words. Here’s how it goes – “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while; you don’t do things right once in a while; you do them right all of the time.”

That latter part from the above excerpts – you don’t do things right once in a while; you do them right all of the time – that’s what makes winning a habit. Very wisely said, be it an army, a political party, or a business – the principles remain the same for winning.

Coming back to us, if we had missed on even an individual aspect of our Execution Approach, we wouldn’t have been able to taste success either. But we didn’t miss it! On the contrary, we nailed it. That made our clients leave the following reviews and provide us with 5-star ratings.

Review 1: 

Review for Evince Development: “From the designers to the developers, everyone was always willing to help and solved our issues quickly.” – Co-Founder, Diamond Trading Company. Apr 04, 2019

Review 2:

Review for Evince Development: “The team has a strong attention to detail and a strong work ethic.” – Founder & CEO, E-Commerce Tire Dealer. Sep 13, 2019

Review 3:

Review for Evince Development: “Evince Development takes a personalized and professional approach to collaboration.” – Owner, Online Clothing Retailer. Sep 17, 2019.

Such accolades in the form of wise words from our clients have made the top B2B research, ratings, and reviews firm – Clutch, named ‘Evince Development’ in the best mobile app, custom software & web development category for the 3rd consecutive year. Let’s have a brief look at the awards & recognition received so far:

December 2017 – Clutch Global Leader

July 2018 – Top Web Developers

October 2018 – Earns Spot in Clutch’s Report of Top NYC App Developers

December 2018 – Clutch Global Leader in Mobile App Development

May 2019 – Top eCommerce Developers in New York (by Manifest)

The competition is gigantic, and there are many business service providers. Hence Clutch certifies an agency based on various parameters such as service offered, work quality, verified client ratings & reviews brand reputation, etc.

Being in the industry, of course, web and mobile apps lie in our hearts, and our abilities are tested on many grounds, especially in delivering quality service with competitive cost. More importantly, since we follow the Hybrid Project Execution Methodology, which allows us to not only deliver the project as per the client’s requirement but also lets us achieve a 97% project success ratio each time. (coming soon – How we did reach 97% project success?)

Click here to know which parameters ‘Clutch’ determine to rank and who all made it to the 1000 best B2B service providers around the world.

The sheer credit for all the efforts goes to the team members who made it possible to transform our dream into becoming an IT boutique shop powering multispeciality growth engine. We are grateful to our clients and partners from across the globe for entrusting our ability, skills, and dedication.

Last but not least, we are humbled for the word of recognition received in the form of quality reviews and also our gratitude to the Clutch team.

Wrapping Up:

At Evince Development, though we are going to say goodbye to 2019 with a high-note, we are also pledging to enter 2020 with a marching spirit of a truly Spartan Inspired Agency and stay true to our motto of: “Delivering Growth by Accelerating Digital Transformation.”

Do connect with us if you are looking for a globally integrated digital innovation agency for your project/idea in the mobile app, custom software & web development category.

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