Top Mobile App Development Trend to Lookout For

Top Mobile App Development Trend

Mobile apps are becoming more popular with each passing day and it is one industry which is flourishing. Mobile app development and mobile app development tools are getting updated every day and we saw how that this industry advanced from mobile and tablet devices to Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices.

Here is what you can expect from some of the top mobile app developers who keep in the mind the latest updates while making any kind of development, whether Android or iPhone:


As per experts, most enterprises starting from healthcare and energy to payments and manufacturing would start experimenting with Internet of Things and thus, there will be a need for a mobile integration platform that could be used for the maximum advantage of the enterprise and also make all data available to all the devices.


Mobile app designs will be cloud driven and this is another change that we can expect in sometime soon. The use of wearable and multiple mobile devices is on the rise and mobile app builders would have to focus on syncing and integrating their app on all these devices. Use of Cloud can help makers to develop apps accessible on various devices with same data, function, and feature.


The last year saw numerous reports on information leaks and hacking and this is one area that the mobile app developers need to seriously work on. Security still remains a challenge and hackers would continue to look for gaps and access sensitive information unless something is done.


Until last year, apps on wearable devices focus on the health and fitness industry. However, the trend is expected to change now as wearable devices are to be used by corporates to access their productivity and efficiency levels. The textile and fashion industry is also set to adopt wearable technology. All these changes would definitely make the developers’ focus shift from smartphones to wearable devices.


The percentage of people shopping and making payments via their smartphones and tablets is rising with each passing day and this trend would continue for the at least the next few years. Making use of mobile or smart phones to make payments or purchases will be more common as compared to the use of debit or credit card. Thus, developers will have to design apps that can process transactions without the use of cards.

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