Top 8 Content Management Systems – Facts and Features

Top 8 Content Management Systems – Facts and Features

When you plan to get a new website your focus automatically shifts to issues like the visual appeal, functionality, analytics, SEO and other technical aspects. However, the one important feature that is often overlooked is the CMS (Content Management System).

The CMS is a core of a website and allows easy creation, management and update of the web content. The more efficient the CMS, the simpler becomes the task. Thus it is highly important that you pick up the right type of Content Management System that complements your specific web needs not to complicate it!

Basic facts about the Content Management System

The CMS is defined as a particular type of software application that helps to create and maintain web content in a simple manner. These sets of programs often support multiple users in a collaborative environment. The perfect content management system gives total control over the whole website to add update delete upload the content irrespective of your HTML knowledge. When a website is created with the CMS, you can redesign the website without compromising the safety features. The best CMS comes with an effective digital marketing strategy too.

Why your business needs CMS development service

Managing the CMS on your own and generating the desired result out of it may turn a bit difficult often without a satisfactory result. CMS development service can help strengthen your online business presence by focusing on the prime areas. When you get to enjoy comprehensive CMS development services under one roof that helps save your time and cost.

As a premium provider of CMS development services, Evince provides you with a wide range of options from which you can pick up the best matching your business needs and budget. Here we have pulled up the top 8 Content Management Systems to help you make an informed decision.

1. MAGENTO – A CMS That Matches E-Commerce Needs

Talking about the eCommerce solution and who else can provide it better than Magento! Magento Community Edition is offered for free, and best suits small business needs. The Enterprise and Cloud editions come with advanced features and lots of flexibility to cater medium to large scale businesses.

This open-source cms is highly scalable as it grows with your business. When judged against performance parameters like page load speed, or query process time, Magento emerges the winner.

Magento specialist by your side i.e Evince, you can easily customize your own code and empower the eCommerce website with the necessary features and functionalities. Magento team at Evince can help you to create a high-performance eCommerce platform by incorporating exclusive features and special content pages, the way you want.

2. OPENCART – A CMS for easy E-Commerce Solutions

As we already discussed Magento, Here the question naturally arises why again Open cart as both presumably have the same features! The difference lies in their hosting plans, usage, and some other features. Open Cart works best for small to medium-sized stores as it is much cheaper to host. It is great for startups which need to deliver fast, but without lots of integrations.

The Open Cart CMS can be set up easily and maintained without any hassle and investment. It increases control over your online store by presenting a powerful shopping cart with multiple payment options, different payment modules, and multiple currency support. There are various extensions available as well.

In case you fail to find a specific add-on matching your business requirements, the Evince team is here to design and customize it for you. Be it theme design, module customization or payment gateway solution, our Open Cart development service covers all seamlessly

3. WORDPRESS – A CMS That Fits All

WordPress is a compact CMS platform which initially started as a blogging podium. Gradually it turned big and now captures almost 60% market share. WP serves countless users and websites worldwide. Its popularity is often attributed to a flexible, user-friendly interface, which can be used free of cost.

WP supports plenty of themes, thousands of plug-ins and widgets that turn your WP blog into an attractive social networking platform, public forum, and even a functional e-commerce site. One can avail of various built-in WP functionalities to create huge blogging networks. It supports multi-blog creation from a single core installation. There active community that keeps you informed about the latest happenings in the WordPress world.

The Evince team is here to offer complete service to customize and maintain your WordPress themes, plug-ins, and even the entire page

4. DRUPAL – A CMS with SEO Friendly Features

If SEO is your primary concern, then think of Drupal. Of all the CMS, Drupal is considered the safest open-source platform. If your website experiences huge footfalls, if there are lots of unique web pages needed to be managed properly, then the Drupal CMS performs the best. It effectively addresses duplicate content issues, thus ensuring a better search engine ranking of the site.

Drupal, however, is more of a programmer’s platform. It involves streamlining lots of functionalities, managing advanced users, graphics, multiple page contents, advanced plug-ins and lot more. Detailed knowledge of URL, paths, and addresses is desirable to set up effective Drupal CMS.

Be it setting up an impressive blog or an interactive business website, Evince has a dedicated Drupal team that can help to achieve your goal effortlessly and economically.

5. JOOMLA – A CMS That Supports Small Business Needs

If you are planning to turn your basic website into something smarter, interactive and professional then Joomla offers the best solution. In fact, some feel that Joomla CMS is outscoring with WordPress in several aspects. The former offers thousands of free plugins, comprehensive navigation management, friendly URLs that ensure better SEO positioning, advanced admin panel, and easy updates.

Adjustment options and server resources are however limited in Joomla. Few plugins are needed to be purchased. Some plugins are hard to implement without serious PHP coding knowledge. Therefore, to manage such a multitude of possibilities and functions and derive maximum output you need expert knowledge of the Evince Joomla team. We can customize the best Joomla project for you after successfully addressing your specific business needs.

6. UMBRACO – AN ASP.NET CMS with Stunning Features

Built on the ASP.NET platform Umbraco CMS assures a delightful online experience. Content management seems effortless as you can directly publish from Microsoft Word, save drafts and publish later, schedule the publish time and do a lot more work without having any technical knowledge.

You can add the necessary features to your website by downloading and installing packages as needed. The site can be optimized from day one itself. Its open-source nature renders enough flexibility to switch to platforms of your choice. When used properly, the Umbraco CMS can deliver astounding results.

Evince ingenious team of certified Umbraco developers is ready to offer all sorts of assistance by building an amazingly powerful and flexible content management system.

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7. SHAREPOINT – An Application Platform for Basic Web Content And Document Management

Microsoft Sharepoint is basically associated with document and project management. It can precisely serve the basic purpose of a good CMS i.e. Easy managing of all types of documents that cab be PDF or Microsoft Office files. The fact that it works smoothly with MiS Office, that too without add-ons, simplifies the task of front line employees.

If you need a perfect intranet solution, then Sharepoint has the answer because of its seamless office and employee integration. However, users don’t usually prefer to use this system for developing business websites because it gets an intensive CMS strong programming knowledge is needed

So here we are Evince can overcome the Sharepoint limitations and turn it into a smart content management platform matching your business needs.

8. SITECORE – Great CMS for Enterprise-Level Businesses

The Sitecore CMS consists of Master, Core and Web databases along with a web application. Strengthened by the .ASP network, the CMS assures top-level flexibility, security, scalability and seamless integration of Google Analytics, Sharepoint, and the like. It has become an enterprise favorite for other reasons as well. One of its best features is a powerful desktop interface that looks and feels very similar to the Windows desktop. Due to this familiarity, Sitecore can be learned faster and used to multiple tasks.

Sitecore Not only build a wide range of enterprise-level applications but it provides great ways to monitor the sales and marketing campaigns with real-time statistics. It is totally customizable and can be extended or reversed anytime. The entire content of a Sitecore application is stored in the tree format which consists of basic items like Content, Media, Layout, Template, and System.

This powerful CMS can deliver amazing output when it is in an expert’s hand. Evince team is here to help you to plan, design and implement the perfect CMS based on Sitecore, to enhance your web presence.

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As evident from the above discussion, each CMS comes with some strengths and weaknesses. You need expert knowledge to decide which one would be the best choice for your particular business.

Evince is equipped with dedicated designers, programmers, and developers who can help you to pick up the best CMS for you and customize the solution to raise the conversion and retention rates.

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