Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Gone are the times when mobile apps were only for big brands. In today’s high-tech world, mobile apps have become the need of the hour. In 2021, mobile app downloads are expected to reach 258 billion, a 45% increase since 2017. Besides, mobile apps account for 70% of all digital media time. 

These numbers indicate that by leveraging mobile app development services, you can be visible to customers all the time and foster long-term relationships with them. Your mobile app also reflects your brand reputation, customer retention, and ROI. 

If you’re still not sure why your business needs a mobile app, here are seven reasons that highlight its importance. 

1- 24/7 Available for Your Customers

As per eMarketer, the average US adult spends 3 hours and 54 minutes on their mobile devices. While people use only a handful of apps most of the time, they still scroll and scan through the apps list very often. This means when you have a mobile app, they are highly likely to see them. 

Whether they notice or not, our minds subconsciously record every image (or well-designed app icon) and text. As a result, your app will be the first thing they think of when they need the services you provide. 

Also, it’s not only about how often people see your app on their phone, but it is also about what people notice when they Google your business. For instance, when they search for your brand or products related to it, they are likely to see the app store link for your mobile app. 

Note: Note: Make sure to hire an experienced mobile app development agency to ensure your App’s logo and design is memorable. Also, here’s a reference Portfolio that includes many examples of how Industry experts have their App designed.

2- Create a Direct Marketing Channel

A mobile app enables you to interact with your customers directly and promote your services. Whether you want to provide general information, let customers know about upcoming sales, or the latest products, a mobile app can help you do it. 

Since digital marketers have direct access to user information (in-app activity, user sessions, entry points, and purchasing behavior), they can better personalize the customer experience.  

Here are two ways to use a mobile app to provide the best offers to customers at their fingertips. 

Push notifications: They are a powerful way to engage customers. Since they appear at the top of the notification bar, it is difficult to ignore. With compelling and persuasive push notifications, you can engage customers and entice them into visiting your app.


Since customers always have their mobile phones in hand, they tend to engage with your offerings more quickly than any other marketing channel. 

Note: While we’re not suggesting to shift all your marketing focus to mobile, you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity. 

3- Provide Value to Your Customers

A mobile app allows you to provide information about your products and services to customers instantly. Customers can even initiate and complete transactions at any time of the day using your mobile app. 

Moreover, consumer expectations are changing drastically. They now expect user-friendly navigation and a seamless checkout experience while purchasing anything online. A mobile app is often a great channel for meeting these expectations. 

For instance, with a mobile app, you can let your customers stay logged in all the time. This will enable them to browse your products and even purchase them in just a few clicks. 

Similarly, you can personalize the customer experience based on the user behavior to help them make faster and more informed purchase decisions. However, you will need the best mobile app development provider to integrate the latest technologies in your app.

Additionally, a mobile app offers you several other ways to add value to customers’ life, such as complaints management systems, online registration forms, and intelligent data-based UX improvement options. 

4- Build Brand Recognition

A mobile app is one of the best channels to build brand recognition as users have access to your services at their fingertips. Since the average app usage time is increasing year-over-year, you can leverage this to your benefit. 

For instance, the more branding elements (logo, color combination, marketing messages, etc.) you get right, the more people will recognize your brand. 

Since people are now spending more time at home than outdoors (due to the pandemic), you can consider transferring your traditional marketing budget to mobile apps. 

With the top mobile app development services, you can easily build brand recognition and increase your ROI. Since you’re in complete control of the app, you can even test different branded components within the app to enhance your brand recognition. 

5- Improve Customer Engagement

One of the significant benefits of leveraging mobile app development is increased customer engagement. 

Customers love it when they get the necessary information quickly. A mobile app enables them to find everything they need within minutes. Combined with the live chat option, customers can even get their queries resolved with minimal lag time. As a result, you will see an increase in engagement levels and customer loyalty. 

You can even use unique mobile-only features to improve customer engagement. For instance, Amazon uses gamification within the app to increase engagement. It even encourages users to download the app to play games like quizzes and spin the wheel on their website to win exciting rewards. 

Depending on the products and services you offer, you can give different prizes to customers and entice them into opening your app every day. 

6- Stand Out From the Competition

In the digital world that we live in today, staying ahead of the competition can be a tough task. A mobile application gives you a competitive edge as it has several aspects of tracking and monitoring.

Even if your peers have a mobile app, by partnering with the best mobile app development agency, you can offer a better experience to your customers. Additionally, they can help you identify areas your competitors’ apps lack so you can easily outdo them. 

When created with the best efforts, a mobile app can help become the go-to choice for the products you offer, enabling you to outdo your competitors. 

Considering the number of ways a mobile app offers marketing opportunities and improves your business workflows, it’ll eventually positively impact your revenue generation. 

Another way a mobile app can help stand out from the competition is by allowing you to inform customers about your latest offerings even before they start. 

For instance, if you have a sale coming up, you can inform your customers about it a few days before the start date to encourage people to buy from you.  

7- Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Brands like Starbucks and ASOS use their mobile apps to cultivate customer loyalty. They have loyalty programs that encourage people to use their services more frequently to get rewards and points. 

A high retention rate can increase your bottom line while reducing the average cost per acquisition. Mobile apps can help achieve this feat. 

Here are three ways to cultivate customer loyalty via mobile apps:

Wrapping Up

In 2021, having a mobile app is a must. It ensures you are visible to potential customers all the time, offers a direct marketing channel, and provides more value. Additionally, it helps foster customer loyalty, build brand recognition, and stand out from the competition. 

If you’re thinking of creating an app for your business, make sure to choose the mobile app development company that understands your needs. Evince App development company is the number one mobile development agency across the world. Choose us to set the strongest foundation for the future of your business!

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