Sitecore CMS: A Sheer Pick For Enterprise Development

Sitecore CMS is not just a powerful, responsive and flexible CMS platform, it’s also a Swiss army knife of digital marketing tools ranging from content to SEO. Over time, online customers expect seamless experiences on web portals and mobile devices. To improve the customer experience and reduce acquisition time, companies are looking for a unified platform to drive their customers’ interactive engagement.

Companies use their website to connect with a larger audience, understand customer behaviour, and uses their customer data to deliver relevant content. As customer’s preferences changed over time and new technologies evolved, it’s essential to have a website that offers the flexibility, scalability, and usability that an audience needs, but is that enough for a website? it also has to provide a consistent experience with other web assets, social media, print media, and more. Now the question arises, why there is a need for a modern CMS?

Hire Sitecore Developers For Digital Disruption

A good content management system or CMS provides the flexibility and modular functionality needed to manage the site and its content. There are many content management systems such as Umbraco, Sitefinity, Sitecore, SharePoint, DotNetNuke, etc. which can change the content management process of the website and help to achieve the expected online results.

Sitecore, integrated with the .NET framework, provide great features for creating and managing corporate websites. It is the 9th most popular CMS used in the Top 1 Million sites in Enterprise category withhold of 140,914 active sites.

Evince Development offers full-fledge Sitecore development consultation services to uplift your business in a hassle-free manner.

Reasons why most of the businesses have preferred Sitecore CMS Development:

User-friendly interface

To manage large or multiple websites easily, there is hardly any other content management system that can outperform or replace the Sitecore backend. Thanks to its intuitive interface, even non-technical users can make changes and updates immediately.

 OMS module

Sitecore has an integrated online marketing suite that optimizes websites from a digital marketing perspective. Marketers can optimize content directly in the publisher and create easy-to-use SEO URLs. It also offers other digital marketing functionalities such as user profiles, AB tests, analytics and reports, email integration, and other ready-to-use features.

 Multi-site development

With Sitecore, you can manage multiple websites and shared content. This is an interesting feature for large companies looking for a single platform to manage their many sites, intranets, extranets, portals, and more.

 Suitable for multiple devices and browsers

This CMS provides intelligent elements that automatically displays content in a variety of formats and styles across devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, iPads, and more. It can automatically detect devices and displays content with the best possible view. It is also compatible with multiple browsers to optimize the site’s display for different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.

 Integrated translation for multilingual websites

It offers multilingual features that help organizations to manage content around the world. In addition, it can also simplify the management of multilingual websites, the translation management process with Clay Tablet Rosetta Gateway ports, Freeway by Lionbridge Technology, and other translation services. Therefore, companies prefer to choose Sitecore CMS Development to manage their websites in multiple languages.

  Commitment to social networks

Sitecore CMS Development includes social networking options that allow you to connect your site to various social networks and allow customers to register through their social accounts. It also includes predefined components such as forums, polls, wikis, polls, and more which help companies to feed their community easily.

  Advanced development environment

Sitecore development services provide a powerful development environment for designing and developing Web sites and Web applications that leverage .NET and XML standards. It is also compatible with World Wide Consortiums and supports cascading style sheets to provide a state-of-the-art development environment.

Some other core benefits of using Sitecore Development Solution for your business are:

1. Assurance to invest in the high rated platforms

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management is an independent annual report that assesses and rates the most commonly used WCM systems. Gartner’s goal is to provide an unbiased view of the performance and so that companies can choose the right product for their business.

In his 2017 report, Gartner said that only 7 out of the 18 suppliers can be called as leaders. It has been in the Leader Quadrant for nine consecutive years, and has been massively adopted for its outstanding ability to “sell and manage its products and services around the world.”

Gartner’s commendation for Sitecore reflects the platform’s continued commitment to improving the customer experience and helping companies achieve a return on investment. For businesses, this report is an excellent indication of the validity of Sitecore as one of the best web content management platforms.

2. Eliminate your competitors with better customer loyalty

It focuses on providing services in three key areas: robust enterprise-level supply chain management, customer intelligence, and channel delivery. This approach allows you to manage a large number of high-quality content, customize and automate interactions throughout the customer lifecycle to deliver contextually relevant messages.

With Sitecore, you can gather information about your customer device’s and their locations. It has brand interactions features, with that you can customize messages according to viewer’s persona. For example, when Sitecore detects a user’s location, it can automatically find events nearby and also show promotions to the customers for already viewed products.

This type of customer involvement is extremely valuable as it increases the conversion rate and brand perception. Your marketing team can save valuable time and resources by implementing Sitecore development services tools in the business.

3. You can not only save data but reinforce your digital strategy

Say goodbye to useless data associated with Sitecore experience profiles. In the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB), you can collect and store information about each customer, including past and real-time information about the devices they use, their region, and their interactions.

All of this data is captured in an individual experience profile, giving marketing professionals a unique overview of each customer. It interprets and prioritizes these data according to the rules and people you define. This helps you to categorize prospects and customers and deliver content based on your needs.

Sitecore Analytics helps you capture detailed customer data, track your users’ movements, and define customization and automation rules. Collect interaction data via channels to optimize your online customer experience. You can also use SEO friendly URL’s to track user activity on a webpage.

4. Proven technology, prepared for the future with a clearly defined roadmap.

Since Sitecore is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, it is extremely reliable and stable. In addition, the system provides a flexible workflow in all areas from framework to digitalization of a website. It’s a global community for developers who want to constantly expand the platform with additional modules and patches so that they can get significant support.

This platform grows and evolves in line with new technologies and market requirements. It has a clearly defined product roadmap that gives businesses as well as their customer’s security for their investments.

5. Maximize your investment in third-party systems through easy integration

Even if you have not invested in an enterprise content management system, you’ve probably used other digital systems. For critical business processes, you can rely on a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) such as Microsoft Dynamics, an email marketing system, or an e-commerce system. The fact that it ships with integrated systems do not mean that you have to give up the software you already use.

Sitecore, based on Microsoft technologies, supports immediate integration with multiple Microsoft commercial applications such as SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Active Directory, and more. This corresponds to the existing environment of most companies.

The Sitecore architecture easily integrates with other systems, whether created by Sitecore Development Solutions or not. A number of independent systems can be difficult to maintain and manage for a long time. If these systems do not connect, you also lose valuable customer data that can be used to influence the content of your website and your marketing messages. By integrating their systems into a single solution, it provides a consistent experience across all channels and optimizes internal processes.

6. Unique scalability based on your business needs, size and budget

It offers high performance and unlimited scalability. The horizontal scaling method of the platform means that it is not limited by the server space. You have given options to increase server installations when your business grows. This is especially useful for commercial companies that have a large amount of content, multinational websites or websites for their affiliates.

Since the introduction of Sitecore 8.2, the license model of the platform for Sitecore development services has become even more flexible. As a result, you can customize your needs. You are allowed to add server installations, increase the number of users and features (such as marketing and analytics tools) over time depending upon the growth of your business.

7. Train marketers to manage your solution without any additional development

It has a simple interface and no object-based code. Once you have a bank of modules and content objects, you can reuse them on your site (or sites). This CMS has a separate content module so that, all blogs, promotion boards, and product pages can be managed by content marketers, not developers. The Page Editor also lets you optimize your content for a variety of mobile devices and screen sizes.

Wrapping Up

In addition to the above features, the user can do targeted marketing, e-commerce, multichannel integration, and more. In examining all these features, which are very useful to businesses, it is not surprising that this is the preferred content management system of much common administration, digital marketer and entrepreneur organizations. It’s a remarkable tool that can help you to improve your online presence and generate higher ROI.

As a recognized name in the industry, Evince Development can provide all Sitecore development solution with all the content objects needed to create new pages, optimize for SEO, create lead generation forms, CTA panels, and non-developer blogs. At Evince, you can hire Sitecore developers for your Sitecore CMS development that adapt to your professional requirements. Get augmented Sitecore development consultation by veteran developers with no additional development costs.

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