President Buhari Administration’s addressed our Solutions eCitibiz as Top 100 Achievements of 2021

EvinceDev feel Proud to create and associated with eCitibiz the portal of Interior ministry of Nigeria.

eCitibiz as Top 100 Achievements of 2021

On Dec 30th, 2021 (Thursday), the Federal Government released a list of the 100 most remarkable achievements by Muhammadu Buhari‘s administration in 2021. The list was given by Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, at a media briefing in Lagos to highlight the administration’s achievements over the previous year. He addressed six eCitibiz solutions out of a total of 100.

We (EvinceDev) are honored to have created and associated with eCitibiz, an e-Government platform designed for the Ministry of Interior, Nigeria, to manage the Human Affairs process.

Our Solution eCitibiz (Listed from 50 to 55) is within their top 100 achievements of the Year 2021. Here is the list of contributions of the platform for the Ministry of Interior, Nigeria.

  1. Simplifying the guidelines for granting Expatriate Quota Positions and other associated instruments.
  2. Examine the different Expatriate Quota fees to make more revenue for the federal government.
  3. Better online application tracking, resulting in more Nigerian foreign direct investment.
  4. Online linkage on the eCitibiz platform with other MDAs such as NCDMB, NIS, CAC, FIRS, and other government agencies to check documents and improve the integrity of online processing of Expatriates Quota services under Executive Order 1 (EQ1) for Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria.
  5. To support the fighting against corruption, the Ministry of Interior established an Enforcement, Investigation, and Inspection Unit.
  6. Presidential approval of Legal Notices allowing Local Governments to conduct Statutory Marriages under Ministry regulations, as revised by the Marriage Act of 1958.

EvinceDev Solutions to the Challenges

The main challenge began with the project’s beginnings. To build a platform that can handle and manage e-governance registration for Nigeria’s 190 million citizens without creating any issues. eCitibiz required integration with a 60+ field e-Governance registration form with field-level information, field dependency, and variable information for the end-user.

Considering the entire situation, eCitibiz took three years to build, indicating the platform’s complexity. It is widely considered amongst the most complicated systems developed for the Nigerian government.

Evince Development is proud of our long-standing association and the creation and development of Project eCitibiz, a portal of the Ministry of Interior, Nigeria. We congratulate Joel Adi from eCitibiz for earning this honor and the EvinceDev team’s long-term success. Our efforts have always been rewarded.

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