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MongoDB: A Next Gen. Technology (Geek to Geek)

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5th year anniversary

5th Anniversary of Delivering Growth by Innovation, Integrity and Excellence

June 8th,2017 marks the 5th Anniversary of Evince Developments Pvt. Ltd, becoming one of the leading IT Service providers...

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Top 8 Content Management Systems – Facts and Features

When you plan to get a new website your focus automatically shifts to issues like the visual appeal, functionality, analytics, SEO and other technical aspects. However, the one important feature that is often overlooked is the CMS.
speed-up web application

7 Reasons Why ASP.NET Will Speed Up Web Application

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Recent Trends in SaaS Application Development

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the important known segments of the cloud-computing environment. It is so because it has...