Skip 2020’s New Year Resolutions. Instead, Determine Your Life With Re-solutions

New Year Resolution

The word ‘Resolution’ is over-rated. The word or the concept of it sounds quite cumbersome and redundant the way it has been used and put to practice over the years. If not out loud, we all have made resolutions at some point and have understood the gravity of keeping it – the hard way.

The problem does not lie in the very resolutions that we make (and try to keep), but it’s instead 50% in the name, i.e., ‘Resolution,’ and the other half is within us. Also, in a way, the word resolution gives away a sense of compulsion. 

So let us re-title the topic and re-vision our approach & perspective towards making and keeping New Year Resolutions.

Re-Title: Sticking With Small Acts To Make Life Better (And it doesn’t have to be a specific date)

Now, does the title seems fair enough? In the new year, whether you want to lose weight or to quit smoking to learning a new language or instrument – everything you wish to do irrespective if it’s a personal or professional resolution (oops…small personal or professional acts) is for the good or betterment of yourself.

Lets now focus on the other half of the problem. But before we get down to understand how to stick to new year’s resolution, if you are keen and sure to welcome 2020 with a banging change in your life, then you’ve got to do a little preparation. 

Preparation is Vital

No, you do not need to fetch various things or assemble anything; instead, all you need to do is sit down – calmly and visualize. Let all the worries in the world fly-by and focus on ‘You.’ Now you need to evaluate a few questions such as what you want to change, how you want to change, etc. Unfortunately, guilt is not a powerful motivator. One has to learn from their mistakes and improve the way of execution or strategize the implementation part.

Let’s now get to the most important aspects to keep in mind & follow to stick to new year’s resolution.

1) Find Your Reason

When it comes to forming resolution, most of us are in a rush and tend to overlook a few significant reasons. It is good that you have the decision to standby too, but it is also essential to know the cause or the ‘why’ behind it. If you decide to run a couple of miles every day isn’t something that motivates people, but to clinch the top post in the marathon does help. Support your daily running cause (resolution or act) with a reason why and you’ll find yourself in a whole new gear. The same is true for your business. 

2) Go Ascending

It is best, to begin with, a couple of them and also move from smaller to higher acts to suit your resolution calendar. For example, if you need to make a business website, and if that is your resolution, then it’s better; you give up now than later. Break your ‘Build a Website’ task into little fragments and start climbing from understanding the smaller to higher aspects like developing, designing, deploying, etc. to finally have your business website ready in your resolution time.

3) Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

When you are working many small acts to make your surroundings better, it is hard to keep your goals in sight. Remember, we said ‘Sit Down’ above, yes exactly. Staying calm and being focus will help you to devote your time to the goal productively. Hence, you need to plan your work in the morning and work on your plan at night. This will reap in two-way benefits to support your cause. First, it will keep you on track, and second, if all of your efforts are being fruitful or not.

4) Be Accountable

Humankind needs a source of inspiration from time to time. When you feel like you are down in the dumps, then look for external motivation. Join a business group in your community or a mentor and let them know about your goals. Ask them to take a follow-up with you hold you accountable to help you keep on the right track. As a business leader, one can also involve the team and divide the task among everyone and can check the accountability of the same.  

5) Ditch Them

To err is human. We tend to make mistakes. If your plan or resolution isn’t working or helping you out in a manner it should be, then don’t be afraid to change it. Just for the sake of rules or compulsion, it would be futile to continue the exercise or put in efforts. Time is a precious commodity, and if the resolution is not yielding results, you hoped for. The best thing you can do for your business is to divulge into activities that would reap more productivity and efficiency.

6) Take Tech Help

Competition is fierce, and when it comes to business, it is intense. To beat the blues – as a business owner, you can rely on getting a little tech help. There are apps available for almost everything. May it be for fitness tracking, time tracking, office productivity apps, etc. that can ensure your progress via reports right at your fingertips.


Setting SMART goals are necessary. Just having either personal or professional life wishy-washy commitments is of no use as you’ll abandon them later. SMART is a useful methodology developed to help you transform comprehensive goals into tangible and objective-oriented. 

S – Specific

Specifically, focus on the element that you are trying to accomplish? Define what your result should look like exactly.

M – Measurable

It is ideal to have a goal for which you can track the progress or measure success? What are your milestones along the way? Think percentages and numbers. This makes it easier to review and reward your efforts.

A – Achievable

Is your business goal realistic? Can you attain it without compromising other commitments while keeping it challenging?

R – Realistic

Is the goal rational and relevant to your business model & capabilities? For example, it would be out of the league for a startup company to dream about being the market leader by the end of the year.

T – Time-Based

When do you plan to achieve it by? It is good to set business goals with a time frame and again don’t keep it shorthand, or you’ll be risking everything.     

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have found our seven steps last-minute guide on How To Make Good Business Resolutions resourceful. New Year’s resolutions are a great way to set goals, challenge yourself, and bring permanent, positive change into your life. Good luck for your 2020 New Year Resolutions, and have a Happy New Year from EvinceDev family!

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