March 2024 Digest: A Month of Growth and Celebration at EvinceDev

Discover the March 2024 highlights at EvinceDev, from new talent to cultural celebrations and strategic partnerships. Join journey of growth, camaraderie, and innovation.

Monthly Digest March 2024

As we bid adieu to March and welcome the blooming days of April, let’s take a moment to reminisce about the exciting events and significant milestones that marked the journey at EvinceDev. From welcoming new talents to celebrating cultural festivities and forging strategic partnerships, March was indeed a month of growth, camaraderie, and innovation.

Welcoming New Faces

Deepa Shah 

Let’s welcome Deepa Shah, the new HR Head, a seasoned HR professional with over 20 years of experience. Deepa’s diverse expertise and passion for creative activities and sports bring a fresh perspective to EvinceDev’s HR & Recruitment Department.

Abhishek Kumar 

Joining EvinceDev’s QA Department, Abhishek Kumar enriches the team with two years of QA experience and a love for music and online gaming. Abhishek’s dedication and skills strengthen EvinceDev’s commitment to delivering quality software solutions.

Milan Tejani 

Milan Tejani, with over four years of experience in Android development, joins the Mobile Department as a Senior Software Engineer. Milan’s expertise and passion for reading and gaming enhance EvinceDev’s capabilities in mobile application development.

Ankit Sabhadiya 

Ankit Sabhadiya brings five years of experience as a Software Engineer and proficiency in full-stack development to the Microsoft Department as a Senior Software Engineer. Ankit’s skills and enthusiasm bolster our Microsoft technology offerings.

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Dinner On Us: Celebrating Team Birthdays in Style

EvinceDev believes that celebrating birthdays is more than just marking another year; it’s about acknowledging each team member’s contributions, achievements, and presence in a journey of growth and success. Heartfelt congratulations to Palak Pandya, Krishn Bhoraniya, Yash (Marvin), Martin (Tushar Singh), Isha Singh, Kavish Baingare, Rakesh Senapati, and Vishal Dubey for enjoying a memorable dinner.

These individuals are not just colleagues but an integral part of the EvinceDev family, bringing their unique talents, energy, and spirit to the team each day. Through Dinner on Us policy, they ensured their birthdays were celebrated in style, with good food and laughter, and shared family memories.

Celebrations Moments

EvinceDev believes in celebrating professional achievements and the personal milestones and joys that enrich lives. Thrilled to extend heartfelt congratulations to two of esteemed team members, Marvin and Rick, as they embark on new chapters in their lives.

A special thank you to Shruthy for her dedication and commitment as we celebrate her work anniversary with a delightful treat. Your contributions are invaluable to our team’s success.

Maha Shivratri & Women’s Day Celebration

March was a month of festivities as Evince celebrated the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri with mindblowing drawings and honored the strength and spirit of women on International Women’s Day. From fun activities to snacks, cherished the diversity and empowerment within the EvinceDev family.

The day was embraced with joyous festivities at Evince Development (CMMI Level 3 Certified software development company). The celebrations were in full swing, from one-minute balloon games to lively dance performances. Amidst the laughter and merriment, delightful snacks and cake were savored, cherishing every moment. As a token of appreciation, special gifts were presented to the lovely Spartan women of EvinceDev, whose dedication and passion inspire all.

Here’s to a day of joy, empowerment, and spiritual reverence! 💐🕉️

Holi Celebration

Vibrant hues, tasty treats, and joyful camaraderie marked the Holi celebration at EvinceDev. As colors danced in the air, spartans celebrated the spirit of innovation and creativity that defines workplace culture.

Mobile Magic

EvinceDev’s Mobile team continues to inspire innovative ideas and solutions, showcasing their magic that transforms concepts into reality.

In the EvinceDev, brilliance is a daily ritual, not just a sporadic event. The Mobile Team is a beacon of inspiration, consistently sharing uplifting thoughts. Each day, they infuse the workspace with creativity and innovative energy, setting the tone for success.

Their commitment to excellence knows no bounds. They continually push themselves and each other to new heights of ingenuity. With every shared idea and insight, they ignite a passion for innovation that resonates throughout the entire team.

Celebrating the brilliance of the Mobile Team at EvinceDev, their daily inspiration drives growth and success. Cheers to their unwavering dedication to brilliance today and every day.

Instagram Virality

EvinceDev’s Holi greetings spread joy and positivity on Instagram, reaching approximately 4.5 lakh people. These remarkable achievement is a testament to the digital marketing team’s strategic prowess and dedication to fostering meaningful connections while engaging with audiences on digital platforms.

Workplace Safety Training Session

EvinceDev HR arranged a comprehensive Fire Safety Guidance session for the team to educate everyone on basic workplace safety protocols.

Strategic Partnerships and Innovations

Numarapay Marketing

NumaraPay Marketing is a content management system (CMS) website developed for a Nigerian client. The website features dynamic CMS content, with Angular as the front end and .NET Core development as the backend technology. An Admin application has also been provided to enable easy management of CMS content for the front-end website.

The primary objective of the NumaraPay Marketing website is to promote the NumaraPay Payment gateway to end users and customers. It serves as a platform to showcase the features and benefits of the payment gateway, aiming to attract potential users and clients.

The development process included creating a staging environment with dummy content, which will be updated once the original content is received. This staging environment allows for testing and refinement before the final launch of the website.


SaaS operating platform Docsies developed in Angular application for an Australian client. The application displays job listings based on user business unit searches on the website. One of Docsies’ key features is its implementation of live location detection for users, which enables the display of job listings based on the user’s current geographical location or their search based on location keywords. The application comprises job listing pages and detailed job descriptions, providing users with comprehensive information about available job opportunities.



EvinceDev continues to provide technical support for the Land-Air Medical Transport (LAMT) project, ensuring the smooth operation and functionality of the admin portal developed for managing medical transport services. This support involves addressing any technical issues, implementing software updates, and assisting those encountering difficulties reported by client.

Looking Forward

As we look ahead, fueled by the energy of March’s accomplishments, spartans embark on April’s journey with renewed determination and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more updates, partnerships, and milestones as EvinceDev continues to push boundaries, innovate, and grow together.

Until next time, let’s keep thriving, evolving, and creating magic together!

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