How to Get a Higher Ranking and More Downloads on Mobile App with App Store Optimization?

Mobile App Ranking with App Store Optimization

Ever thought about why your app is not achieving desired downloads? Possibly, it is not getting enough visibility, or maybe it is lost in between millions of other apps. Whatsoever is the reason you can maximize the success of your app with ASO.

The following blog will walk you through App Store Optimization and how to benefit your app out of it.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization is also known as ASO, is a process of optimizing mobile apps for getting a higher rank in the app store’s search results. The higher ranking your app gets in store’s result, the more downloads you get on the app. The goal of ASO is to improve the visibility of a mobile app on the app store search, such as Google Play for Android and App Store for Apple. 

Need for App Store Optimization

According to Statista, the number of apps on Google Play Store in the third quarter of 2020 reached up to 2.87 million, whereas, on Apple’s App Store, the number reached up to 1.96 million.

The above data reveals how tough the competition is, and developing the app alone for running a business is not enough. With a few tips & tricks, you can boost the discoverability of your app organically.

Now, Let’s Dive Deeper

Strategies to rank your app higher:

By now, you have a basic understanding of what ASO is & the need for it. Now, let’s learn a few App Store Optimization Strategies.

1. Relevant & Descriptive Title

The title of the app plays a major in improving ASO. The fundamental trick to get the right name is to keep the title closest to the product or service you provide. Moreover, if you include the keyword in the title, your app can get a 10% higher ranking.

Both Google Play and Apple’s App Store have a different approach towards identifying keywords, so which keyword you use should depend on who you’re targeting -Apple or Android users.

The Apple App Store allows 30 characters for the title & 170 characters for promotional text. Be succinct as well as creative to get the keyword-rich title. Come up with creative & keyword-rich subtitles. It will only help in improving discoverability on store search results.

In the Android app, the approach towards titles and keywords is different from Apple. Here, you get only 50 characters for your titles, so be extremely precise. However, here you don’t have to worry about putting a keyword in the title. You can insert the keyword in the description.

2. Use of Keywords

Just like SEO, keywords play a crucial role in ASO as well. Moreover, the approaches to handling keywords are different in both Apple & Android.

In Apple, you get only 30 characters for subtitles and separate 100 characters for keywords. So, it is essential to choose the keywords wisely. On the other hand, Google Play Store has no specific keyword field, but in the description, the field is searchable, where you can insert an adequate number of keywords.

However, for better ASO outcomes, it is important to remember not to do keyword stuffing and use only the most important keywords in title, subtitle, and description.

Researching for the right keyword is an essential step for ASO. While selecting the keywords, make sure to learn about the traffic, demand, and usage of those keywords in other apps. For better results, use online ASO tools or seek service from Dedicated ASO Professionals.

There is no harm in evaluating the performance of the keywords used by top apps. However, keywords with high traffic in a moderate number of apps work the best for ASO outcomes. Use the keyword that is close to your app’s goal- make it look natural for users.

3. App Description Matters

In order to divert users to your app and please the algorithms, you need to introduce the app well. The description defines the purpose and benefits of the app. Give convincing reasons for how & why your app is a must in the user’s phone- it is the most important selling point.

What are the questions to cover in the description?

Both the App Store & Google Play Store allow 4000 characters to brief about your app. Play Store offers an additional 80 characters field for a short description. So, make the most out of it and insert high traffic keywords in the description to increase the rank of your app on the app store. 

4. Use Attractive Screenshots

Mobile users will only take a few seconds to decide whether they want to download the app or not. In that case, you only have those seconds to impress your potential user. How will you do it? Well, images speak louder than words. Use high-quality display screenshots that speak for your app. Create one that showcases main functions and engaging parts from your app.

Apple’s App Store allows up to 10 screenshots, and Android’s Google Play Store allows up to 8 screenshots. 

5. Place Your App in Right Category

Another way to receive high user visibility is by placing the app in the right category. It not only helps in better discoverability but improves ranking as well.

What if your app fits more than one category? How to select the right one?

Point to remember- Never place your app in the wrong category. For, e.g., If your app is a fitness tracker, don’t put it in the grocery section. Apple has a stringent reviewing process. If you place your app in the wrong category, the App Store may reject it.

In Google Play, the users can report a violation review for the app’s placement in the wrong category.

So stay wise, play smart.

6. Ratings & Reviews of App

Both positive and negative ratings & reviews impact the ranking of the app on the app store. Having positive ratings and reviews both in quantity and quality boost the chances of a higher rank on the store search result.

To encourage users to give your app five stars, send them to push notifications and add in-app pop-ups, asking them to leave feedback if they enjoyed using it.

If you opt for App Store Optimization Service, the professionals will help you manage organic feedback & improve app penetration with effective marketing strategies. 

7. In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases is to sell digital services or features inside your app. It can help you optimize your app on store results. In-App Purchase can appear on the app store search results and can be listed top apps or games. You can also promote 20 elements of In-App purchases and subscriptions, each having its name, details, and icon.

8. What’s New

 When the app is updated with bug fixes or additional features, you need to communicate the changes to users via What’s New. List new features, content or functionality according to their importance to grab the attention of users. This process will push your app to rank higher.

9. Localization 

Localization of app is an inherent part of app store optimization, especially if it has varied users. When effective localization is done, there is an increase in the app visibility on the app store.

Localization of the app in different languages helps the app reach more people, rank higher for searches, and get ahead of competitors in local markets.

When you localize the app language on popular app pages like App Store and Google Store, you need to translate the keywords from one language to another, keeping the cultural and linguistic meaning intact.

10. ASO Marketing by Professionals

The most-effective way of increasing your mobile app visibility in the store is by opting for App Marketing Services by professionals who put in all the necessary elements your mobile app requires for success.

A Dedicated Team of ASO Experts, right from the beginning helps you in identifying the right target audience, builds up awareness at the pre-launch stage with creative strategies, run App marketing campaigns on social media, and manages the ratings and reviews. The overall ASO Services provided by professionals not only help in acquiring customers but also contribute to user retention.

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