How Much Does It Cost to Make an App in 2023?

In this post, we'll focus on range of factors which determines the mobile app development cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App

In today’s world, 64.9% of online users use mobile apps to make purchases. As a result, mobile applications will continue to be a top priority for businesses looking to attract, connect, and delight their target customers.

App development refers to creating software applications for various mobile, tablet, and computer platforms. These applications are designed to perform specific tasks and provide users with a convenient and engaging experience. App development involves many processes, including creativity, design, development, testing, and deployment. It requires a team of skilled professionals, including developers, designers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists, to bring an app to life. Impact of rapid development of technology With the rapid development of technology and the increasing demand for mobile applications, app development has become a thriving industry with countless opportunities for innovation and growth.

When considering Mobile Apps Development, the adage “you get what you pay for” remains true. You’re probably searching online for answers to two questions: ‘How much does it cost to develop an app?’ and ‘What factors influence the price?’ The estimate you get will not reflect the actual situation. In a nutshell, product costs might range from $20,000 to $250,000. Isn’t that a big difference?

It is because a range of factors determines the mobile app development cost. In this post, we’ll focus on them.

One of the essential factors that can impact the cost of app development is whether to outsource the development process or build an in-house team. Both options have their pros and cons. The choice will depend on several factors, including the features and complexity of the project, the availability of resources, and the company’s goals and budget.

Outsourcing App Development Can Provide Several Benefits, Including:

  1. Cost savings: Outsourcing app development can be more cost-effective than building an in-house team, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Outsourcing allows companies to tap into a pool of expertise without bearing the cost of hiring and training employees.
  2. Access to a broader talent pool: Outsourcing app development allows companies to access a wider pool of talent and expertise, which can be especially important for complex projects requiring specialized skills.
  3. Faster development: Outsourcing can also allow for faster development as the company can take advantage of the experience and expertise of the outsourcing partner.

On The Other Hand, Building An In-house App Development Team Can Provide The Following Benefits:

  1. Better control and communication: An in-house team allows for better control and communication as the team is in sync with the company’s goals and objectives.
  2. Increased ownership and accountability: An in-house team can increase ownership and accountability as it is dedicated to the project and will be responsible for its success.
  3. Long-term cost savings: In the long run, building an in-house team can be more cost-effective as the company will not have to pay for outsourcing fees.

Ultimately, the choice between outsourcing and building an in-house team will depend on the specific needs and goals of the company. Both options have pros and cons; the best choice will depend on a careful evaluation of the benefits and costs of each option.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Worldwide?

According to GoodFirms’ new study, the average cost of an essential app starts from $38,200 to $91,000. The medium-complexity app costs from $55,550 to $131,000. A complex app might cost anything between $91,550 and $211,000.

Many companies offer to be the top app developers globally and promise to deliver the best solution. Several factors to consider for well-established or newly created businesses, whether experienced or ambitious, local or international, large or small, high-priced or low-priced. It’s no surprise that such an extensive range might be confusing to both new and experienced companies.

The most prevalent assumptions, such as ‘high price implies a good quality’ or ‘new firms don’t have the experience to provide high-quality products,’ can lead to failure or extra costs. With that in mind, let’s return to a fair assessment of mobile app development costs. Our first thing is to estimate the cost of developing a mobile app as per hourly rates.

The average cost of app development differs by geographic area, have a look at the table below:

Country Hourly Rates
North America (US and Canada) $50 to $150 per hour
Australia $35-150 per hour
South America $22 to $55 per hour
UK $71 per hour
Eastern Europe $25 up to $50 per hour
India $12 to $25 per hour

Surprisingly, the most expensive app developer in the United States charges $150 per hour, while the top one in India costs six times less.

How Much Does an App Cost to Create: Time and Money Issues?

It’s important to understand that not all mobile apps are created equal to minimize these issues. And the difference does not limit to the platform for which it develops. The cost of developing an app with an entirely original and authentic technological core might be high and take a long time. So, let’s make a categorization method depending on the required time.

At EvinceDev, the best mobile app development agency, we emphasize re-usability to lower app development time and cost. We’ve already built generic components to minimize the development time, including those needed for login, registration, authorization, alerts, analytics, and payments. It eliminates the need to create these components for each new project from the start. We write a lot less code and produce a lot more quickly. With these aspects in mind, we can assure you that your estimate and time frame will reduce this time.

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    What Is The Reason For Mobile Application Costs?

    When you develop an app, you cannot expect your mobile app development company to advise you about the development prices right off the bat. They need to determine your initial requirements first. Indeed before you are sent a quotation, the team of app developers will estimate how long it requires to integrate your functions and features.

    The most common factors that affect development costs are:

    1. Features and Functionality

    Estimating the cost of developing an app is similar to budgeting for a home. With additional features, the base pricing for the type of app you want to develop continues growing. With the advancement of mobile apps, there is practically no limit to what an app can deliver. As a result, the cost is variable; it may be anything from a few hundred dollars to a few million dollars.

    While making your estimate, it is critical to fully grasp the fundamentals of app development, the features that may add, and the technology that supports them. Let’s look at how much it costs to develop an app based on the sorts of features that make up a typical mobile app, using a $25 base hour price and a $50 maximum hour price:

    2. Customization of Visual Design

    Creating a bespoke user interface design is a time-consuming process that adds to your project’s costs. The less expensive option recommends using OS-supplied components and making screens out of standard parts. The number of screens used is also a key determinant.

    3. Backend Infrastructure and App Administration

    In mobile app development, a backend is an operating system that exposes APIs for data exchange between an app and a database. Analytics includes tracking user behavior and evaluating the effectiveness of your consumer app. Costs vary depending on the number of factors you want to measure and how comprehensive and exact the tracking should be.

    For managing app content, users, and analytics, an admin panel is undoubtedly a unique tool. Existing admin panel templates may be customized to meet your needs, but finding a better one might be challenging. As a result, it makes sense to put together a suitable panel to match your company’s needs.

    4. Structure of a Development

    Sometimes people think the price of developing a mobile app is equivalent to the number of hours a developer spends coding. This type of approach is a long way from the actuality.

    Aside from coding, a project’s development needs the following professionals:

    All of the mentioned responsibilities require skilled professionals who demand a decent deal for their mobile application services. Furthermore, your project may need the involvement of many developers. As a result, the cost of your mobile app is hugely affected by your working hours.


    When estimating the development cost of a new app, companies must first consider the location of the development team, the app’s complexity, and other aspects that have a significant influence on the entire development cost.

    However, your research on average prices will show you where to seek a developer and how much to pay. Research and analyze the app development market before deciding whether to hire a developer or go in-house. Many brilliant people can provide the same quality at a lower cost. We have expert mobile app developers at EvinceDev who can create innovative and competitive apps. Let’s get ready to start growing your business with us.

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