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The education system is undergoing a fundamental change, with digital technology affecting all aspects of the education system. Educational institutions; Regardless of size or segment – big, small, public, private, kindergarten through 12th grade, elementary school, high school and graduate – they are enthusiastically accepting this change. As a result, learning and technology are now going hand-to-hand and all student segments are planning to use digital technologies and Education IT solutions such as social, mobile and cloud networks to meet academic needs.

We at Evince’s educational practice act as mediators to help educational institutions cope with and manage the ever-changing environment. We understand opportunities, challenges, stakeholder expectations and experience requirements. We have gained a deep and comprehensive experience over 6 years that we have served the educational institutions of the world.

Evince is a specialized provider of IT services with a dedicated practice focused on providing educational services. We support you in all phases of planning, development, implementation, and operation. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of educational solutions, ranging from Business Transformation Strategy to Business Architecture Consulting Services. Design, development, implementation, maintenance, and support of the application; IT infrastructure and the outsourcing of business processes. We leverage Evince’s proven experience and methodologies to meet unique customer needs while leveraging solution tools and accelerators to shorten time-to-market.

Areas of Expertise in Education Industry

Our specialized technology solutions and educational services have helped our customers digitize their processes and gain new efficiencies in terms of time savings and cost control. Evince has deep experience in providing proficient and highly dedicated Education IT Solutions to the education industry. Here are some of the areas where we have shown our excellence.

We take pride in offering Education IT Solutions with advanced technologies like:

Evince Development Immensely Focusses on:

Content Enrichment: Our technologies help institutions to improve their teaching and learning infrastructure. This allows them to increase the quality of the content and the delivery time. This will lead to increased student participation, better learning, and positive teaching.

Analytics: Here we combine technologies such as analysis, visualization, and infrastructure modules to improve the collection of important data. Evince’s Education IT Solutions and analytical services also help to use this information for your courses and teaching procedures.

Integration: We use the Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate different technology systems and create e-learning application development system. This allows customers to leverage rich data and technology to ensure quality education and distance learning.

Mobility: We also focus on bringing different types of content to different electronic and mobile devices via Education App Development system. The proliferation of smartphones between students and students has expanded the learning system beyond the classroom. Students can learn topics regardless of when or where through Education Apps. It also allows them to learn at their own pace and not in class.

Website Design: We take measures to understand the purpose of parents and students and design the site accordingly. We also create applications that are connected to the website and can be viewed on other devices. This allows a student or parent to track the latest information and offers from the institute. We also have the ability to create online learning modules for various topics to give teachers a complete and simple teaching experience.


Evince’s Education IT Solution deals with perfection and severity of programs to benefit both management and students. Contact us for getting detailed support and you can also visit our website.

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