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Innovative Startup Businesses

A genuine relationship is a two-way street where information and ideas flow freely and regularly, on the basis of mutual trust and respect for one another’s competence – and our clients understand. We at EvinceDev consider ourselves fortunate to be working with some of the world’s most well-known brands, and we don’t take this for granted!

Our clients work with us in various ways: we train them to become even better leaders than they are now, and we advise them to develop their businesses profitably. Please read about the startup businesses of our innovative entrepreneurs to find how we collaborated to make a difference.

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Our Clients’ Innovative Startup Businesses

1. Qopius – AI-Powered Image Recognition

Qopius is a Paris-based artificial intelligence startup that promises to save merchants money by preventing them from losing sales due to store product availability issues. They achieve this by identifying products from images and text and precisely determining their sizes using advanced computer vision and deep learning technologies.

By using the specified criteria, users can use the planogram to verify their items and establish alerts for each product to get supply updates.

They help companies and retailers leverage the power of digital technology to provide the most excellent possible shopping experiences. Taking each data-driven decision and action at the right moment reduces expenses and increases revenue growth.

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2. Reverb – Implementing AI In The Music Industry

Reverb is a marketplace where users can purchase and sell new, used, and old musical instruments online. Reverb has grown into a thriving community of consumers and sellers all around the world.

Reverb has developed an online platform where the global music community can connect over the right piece of music gear by emphasizing inspiring content, pricing transparency, musician-focused eCommerce tools, a music-savvy customer service team, and more.

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3. ASAP – Uber Of Transportation

ASAP is a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based transportation startup. ASAP is vital for the sharing economy since it eliminates transportation challenges for individuals in the Nordic areas and the United States.

ASAP is a platform on which people can order carriers for transportation and other utility services. Its app provides a platform for consumers to request transportation and services related to utility.

ASAP is the cheapest and most convenient means of getting anything and everything delivered without the need for a middleman.

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4. eCitibiz – Ministry Of Interior Citizenship

eCitibiz was a national project aimed at transforming the country’s digital infrastructure. eCitibiz is an e-Government platform created for the Nigerian Ministry of Interior to administer the Human Affairs process.

ECitibiz provides Nigerian citizens with an online platform to apply for e-Government registrations, such as marriage registration, Nigerian permanent residency, business licenses, emigrant quota, and other administrative procedures, all of which are incorporated within the Nigerian Ministry of Interior.

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5. Land-Air Medical Transport Incorporated

Land-Air Medical Transport Inc is a diverse Texas Veteran Owned Corporation that represents and supervises a fleet of independent ambulance providers.

LAMT (Land Air Medical Transport) is a web application that assists users in managing medical transportations. It will organize an adequately equipped ambulance, wheelchair, or unique purpose chair to fit the demands of any patient, as well as complete state-of-the-art life support equipment. Users may arrange visits based on call source data, manage trip venues, payments, provider details, and schedule a periodic tour using this application.

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To conclude, a few of our clients stand out as innovative startups to a diverse range of insights experts. We presume that innovative emphasis is a crucial business value ingrained across the organization for clients who drive innovation in an obvious way. EvinceDev praises innovative entrepreneurs and the issues they are solving with their startups for businesses that demonstrate their passion for innovation.

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