Evince Development 9th Anniversary – Letter from Our CEO

Top Mobile App Development Company EvinceDev's 9th Anniversary CEO Letter

This year marks Evince Development’s ninth anniversary, making it a very memorable year for the company. Started in 2012, we are a team of creative designers, mobile app developers, e-commerce developers, and web developers with extensive experience in delivering successful Highly-Scalable Digital Solutions for Startups to Enterprises

We at EvinceDev firmly believe in the importance of Quality, Reliability, Trust, and Growth. We are continuously striving to improve our service quality standards to keep long-term prospective in mind while making decisions.

Celebrating the Past

There are things to learn from the past, and we believe it breaks down to two major points for EvinceDev (Evince Development). First is, “Dream Big!” When we first started, we had high aspirations. However, we made the dreams into reality by translating them into objectives and strategies that we could achieve. 

Second, believe in your dreams with all your heart, show resilience, learn from your failures, and keep on pushing forward when you fall down. It is because hope, persistence, and faith are vital components in success.

Past Year- The year of humanity and Digital innovation

The majority of people’s lives have changed dramatically in the last year, and it has been a significant challenge for all. People helped others selflessly in many different ways in the outbreak. Either in delivering medicines, providing food, helping with the proper consultation, donating money, meal kit, essentials, supporting the economy, etc. The market has already seen a surge in the demand for healthcare, pharmaceutical, logistics, eCommerce, on-demand and quick delivery services around the world. 

For example, With logistics and delivery service providers overflowing with orders, a great demand has been seen for technology-based fast delivery service models that want to reduce delivery time but also maximise utilisation of resources, hence increasing unit economics. 

As Orders unexpectedly surge from one area of the city, it is essential that a delivery agent should be available and connected to in order to meet the growing demand. The industry was in need of digital innovations such as digitisation, digital communication channels,etc, which in turn supported the efficiency of both demand and supply so as to provide a seamless function with optimal resource utilization and a high ROI.

Despite this, people and businesses in many areas have shown a more selfless response in the face of the pandemic than happened as the time was to give back to humanity.

How We Helped!

When it comes to EvinceDev, we’ve attained this digital innovation. The technology has now become a big benefit for us because we provide online solutions to small to large-scale businesses. By implementing our approach, we are able to employ resources more efficiently while giving our clients the highest degree of happiness.

We helped many businesses in healthcare, logistics, eCommerce, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors using digital innovations and showing humanity during the covid-19 pandemic.

Achievements of EvinceDev and Its new brand EatanceApp in the covid times-



 Apart from these, we continued to do things no one else had done before. As a result, we played a significant role in the industry – providing unmatched IT services while valuing relationships, fostering a pleasant work environment, and delivering the maximum possible growth by interpreting client needs into innovative ideas.

We enhanced our business through organic growth and acquisitions, establishing a unique client base in our field. As a result, EvinceDev and its brands have grown to a size and level of competence that satisfies our customers’ crucial digital transformation demands while also propelling their business ahead.

It’s about the People

To our customers: Thank you for trusting in us and supporting us in becoming the industry leader throughout the years. We appreciate your trust and will endeavor to work hard to maintain it.

To our employees: Every day, We are thankful for the chance to work with a brilliant, committed, and vibrant team. Your dedication to putting our project first and living up to our core principles has been critical to EvinceDev’s growth and success.

Shaping the Future

This year, we focus on our three leading brands, i.e., EvinceDev, EatanceApp, and EvinceMage. We’ll modernize everything a consumer demands, as per advanced technologies, including all features and system integrations. By creating new services, upgrading our processes, and improving the customer experience, we will continue to provide value to our clients.

We are also celebrating Eatance’s first anniversary. It enables small vendors, business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs to develop mobile applications at a low cost and in a short period. In addition, Eatance has pledged to relaunch and empower small companies using Eatance Apps, resulting in 50,000 new employment

EatanceApp offers a dynamic product range to Micro and small businesses at 85% less cost and effort. However, we at Eatance still wish to do something more lucrative in this critical time and support our pledge to generate 50k new jobs. Hence we are launching Beta version of Free Food Ordering Website “Eatance.co a hosted version”, which will provide lifetime free service to the first 1000 customers. Eatance.co is a power-packed featured rich hosted platform with a Mobile-first approach, custom branding, and secured separate database engine for all the Food Ordering need like

Please visit our dedicated website for more details eatanceapp.com.

Mr. Maulik Pandya said, “I would like to congratulate all our employees (Family members). Thank you for the nine great years of friendship, warmth, and support. We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you all. Because of your trust, dedication, and belief in our Values, we are going ahead. I hope you’ll keep holding us. Let’s keep it growing for the next upcoming years.”

Let’s keep shaping the future together.


Maulik Pandya, CEO

Evince Development Pvt Ltd.

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