Celebrating Halloween & Running Your Business amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

Celebrating Halloween & Running Your Business amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

What is Halloween?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31 each year. The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to fend off ghosts, originated the tradition. In the eight century, Pope Gregory III appointed November 1 as a time to remember all saints. Soon, All Saints Day adopted some of Samhain’s rituals. Before, It was known as All Hallows Eve the evening, and later, Halloween.

Importance of Halloween:

Halloween is known as the wheel of the year’s ground-breaking turning point, marking the time of life, death, and rebirth. As per the wheel of the year cycle, Halloween was the time of death. It’s important because people go to a party where liquor is served on Halloween, watch a scary movie, or maybe go to a creepy house or somewhere else where the dreaded energies are being generated.

Present Days:

Halloween is already on the way, but this year’s Halloween will be very different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Halloween celebration this year faces a high risk of transmitting COVID-19 because individuals will attend massive gatherings globally.

Popular activities such as door-to-door trick-or-treating, alongside trunk-or-treating, or leaving bowls of candy for others to snatch are not recommended because it would be too difficult to maintain social distance due to this year’s pandemic.

Take the Heart and Stroke Foundation (Canada) as an example, a foundation that used a little Halloween wickedness in an attempt to promote awareness of CPR. November is renowned for CPR Awareness Month in Canada, but in October, the foundation ran a campaign and made it especially relevant for Halloween.

Here are the five innovative business strategies for Halloween that you can consider using immediately.

1) Change Your Branding With Halloween Elements: Email marketing is a valuable method for getting your user base busy with your promotions and content. For each social medium stage, in which you are dynamic, the spread and profile photograph is the boldest improvement to implement.

2) Deploy A Campaign For Thematic Social media marketing: The need to change your online networking showcasing strategy to add a Halloween themed campaign is to drive on from making improvements to your online life marking. Anyway, if you were to ignore Halloween as of late, it would currently be a perfect opportunity to remedy the exclusion. 

Your theme campaign shouldn’t just be about a few Halloween themed posts. If you have any Halloween developments going on, in both standard posts, they should be progressed in the same way in web-based networking media, and as a vital part of your ordinary internet-based life promotion.

3) Host An Employee Halloween Contest:

If you have found recently the advantages of email showcasing, you will also understand that little thematic changes to your email campaign will support deals in the same way or boost brand awareness.

If you share some tips through email advertisement strategies, add a picture evaluated for sharing on Facebook or Instagram that incorporates two or three of these tips, making it convenient for individuals to confer with their families, partners, or community gathering. Be sure to consolidate a few markings, essentially.

However, a notable highlight analysis is that you need not alter the recurrence of your email showcase, or even present an additional mailing from nowhere. As such, individuals who have joined to get your email showcasing did so with a specific ‘guarantee’ being made in terms of recurrence and altering that your email advertising will spontaneously execute them, rather than asking them to continue to support you.

4) Add Gruesome Elements To Your Mobile App: If your business has a Progressive Web App (PWA), Halloween is the ideal opportunity to integrate some thematic elements into your app. Make an effort not to merely include Halloween segments in the app itself, but consider giving your application symbol a subtle Halloween look as well. A small improvement to your app’s symbol could allow it to appear on mobile phones alone, enabling clients to access it to experience what else is new.

You can also take away specific offers, developments, and content for Halloween when modifying the appearance of the app. Halloween thematic content that you share by email or online networking methods can be tailored for your flexible application in the same way, similar to any developments that you are running with all taken into account.

5) Alarm Up New Business with campaigns focused on the location: The flexible pop-up notifications linked application is a great strategy to alert clients of exceptional offers, developments, and occasions that you have at any point. Regardless of how pop-up notifications are activated by not all customers of your versatile application, your own one-of-a-kind assessment can show the number of times customers who receive alerts react or react to them.

To make pop up messages amazing, you need to consolidate those messages with geotargeting if you have a physical region or store. Geotargeting works best when the area you are targeting is not exorbitantly immense, not more than a 500 m range of your store, or if you focus on a competitor’s territory or a similar business. 


Halloween is almost here, and if you’re taking it globally, these are the things your business needs to deal with. Enable your business to be handled with the most extreme dedication and efficiency this Halloween emerge from the frightening room and enhance your sales significantly. You can also approach top internet marketing companies such as Evince Development for better marketing strategies and services for your business.

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