Celebrating 8 Years – A Letter From Our CEO of Evince Development

Good Day, Salam, Namaste, I am Maulik Pandya Founder and Group CEO of EvinceDev wishing you all Happy 8th Anniversary of Evince Development. 

This is also an Anniversary of our Strong Values we are carrying of Long Term relationships, Commitment, and Reliability since inception. Anniversary of Growth, the faith our clients, partners and associates and Anniversary of most responsible, experienced, and Vibrant Spart Team.

The 8th anniversary for Evince Development has marked a special milestone. Though it is pandemic, we are growing with an average of 40% of the massive growth rate. We are continuing our Hiring process and managing our other ventures. I am giving this success credit to our Values.

Back when we began in 2012, the software technology train had already picked up the pace. When the journey began – I was quite certain about two things; the values & people on which I was going to bank the future of “Evince Development.” Today, I couldn’t have been happier as that decision turned out to be a gamechanger. Proud to say that, ‘Evince – a spartan inspired organization has embarked on the path of delivering accelerated digital transformation.’

We are celebrating this Anniversary by sending Audio or Video messages because of lockdown due to covid19.  We know how this pandemic affected many lives, the economy, and our businesses. Many people lost their jobs, many small vendors could not earn enough, and many entrepreneurs and startups are struggling. 

On this 8th anniversary, we are launching our new Eatance brand with the vision of “Empowering Entrepreneurs”. This brand will support and provide multiple helpful bespoke On-Demand applications to Entrepreneurs from where they can start a journey of Digital transformation by saving efforts and cost. For more information, please visit Eatanceapp

Excited For Future

We are excited to look forward to the future. Undoubtedly, we will continue growing at the same pace by keeping our Values and faith of all associates. However, my personal focus would be on the Eatance brand and will provide A to Z support from Growth Consulting, Application Development, Maintenance, and Digital Marketing to Entrepreneurs, Startups, and small vendors.

It is hard for me to summarize the history or time of this company, which has grown from an individual client to multiple across the world, belonging to diverse industry verticals such as transport & logistics, retail, education, government, travel, healthcare, and many more. Even though our portfolio has expanded over time, our prime focus hasn’t shifted from delivering the extensive user experience which connects our client’s products and/or services to their customers. Evince development harnessing the software technology at its heart has design & development as its cornerstone. We strive to deliver engaging applications and impeccable services by maximizing resource utilization and minimal expenditure for our clients and us.

Thank you for taking out time to read this, which is less of a message and more of a statement of purpose (SOP) of Evince development.

Maulik Pandya, CEO
Evince Development Pvt Ltd.

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