At Evince, we provide most fluent AngularJS development services that cover the range from music and video streaming apps to e-commerce and marketplaces, to social networking app development. We are having an experienced and skilled in-house Angular JS developer team, consisting of experts giving their valuable services. They are able to create a responsive single page application having number of features for fulfilling the multifaceted business needs of different industry.

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WHAT IS AngularJS Development

AngularJS is an advanced technology in application development solutions. It is an open-source JavaScript web application framework that is coming out as the new powerful client-side technology for the development of single-page apps. All of its processes and its beauty are maintained by the Google itself. It acts as strong foundation having a robust data framework.

AngularJS Development

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Our experts with incredible knowledge and years of skill guarantee that your business achieves unrivaled position and sets another level of accomplishment. Evince is the place where you can find the best AngularJS development services, integration and customization tailored as per your requirements.

KEY BENEFITS OF AngularJS Development

  • Synchronizing Benefits

    Automatic synchronization of data between model and view components

  • Data binding Feature

    Data binding capability to HTML giving user a rich and responsive experience

  • Reusable components

    Provides reusable HTML components that save time

  • Testing Efficient

    Provides better testing environment with adding Unit Testing in front-end code

  • Rich Internet Application

    JavaScript based development framework to create Rich Internet Application

  • Secure Environment

    Provide built-in protection including cross-site scripting and HTML injection attacks

AngularJS Application Development Website Development Offering

  • Custom Angular JS Application development
  • Angular JS application support and maintenance
  • Dynamic Web Application Development
  • E-Shops/E-commerce Web Development
  • Social and Interactive Apps
  • Plug-in Development tool
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Music and Video Streaming apps
  • Learning Platform and Location Apps
  • Social Networking Platforms
  • AngularJS consulting
  • Portal Development Solutions