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The all round front-end development solution

Use the ultimate power of JavaScript well-crafted into a full-fledged front-end development framework for all your business needs. The framework leverages the total completeness of a business solution. It is capable of empowering your web apps for unmatched performance and a sustainable, resilient UI. Avail quality driven services from the best angular JS development company for a plethora of services including Angular JS consulting, Angular JS mobile app development and Angular JS web application development.

The best companion through the digital transformation

Angular JS web application development is all about creating sustainable digital ecosystems for businesses and leaving consumers with a breathtaking UX. Angular JS development is a one-stop solution to all your front-end development requirements to align your business goals with higher ROI and better performance.

Synchronizing Benefits

Data Binding Feature

Reusable Components

Easy Debugging

Rich Internet Application

Secure Environment

MVC software design pattern

Parallel Development

Push the throttle of your business with Angular JS development

Leverage precision & performance Angular JS

Angular JS Consultation

We have a million dollar track record in building and designing 360° front and architecture for numerous businesses and web applications. The services include layout planning and architectural design framework for a resilient, reliable UX.

Angular JS Web Application Development

Angular JS web application development is one of the leading skills of the diligent front-end web development team. They are well versed with the newest version of angular and can help you build classic UI in no time.

Angular JS Mobile App Development

Capitalize on the power of Angular JS with one shot web and mobile application UI development. Our team helps you build front-end framework which leverages impactful UX and better business conversion.

Complete Migration Services

We believe in spreading technology is beyond businesses. Avail core services of the leading angular JS development company for migrating from any standard web development environment to the all-new more capable Angular JS.

Angular JS Support and Management

Enjoy the support after sales and web management services from Evince for a never dipping performance of your digital resources and a higher ROI. It is a masterstroke of Business will help keep up the performance consistently.

Angular Elaboration an Upgrade

Avail the services for an outright elaboration of the angular framework and stable integration of other JavaScript platforms for a completely upgraded and recently updated platform that keeps you cope up with the dynamic tech trends.

Hire Our Expert Angular JS Developers

Evince Development is a cohesive team of highly diligent, new-age tech savvies who have their hands deep into AngularJS. The transparent development phase and a rapid business process have helped our highly capable developers trail a track record for cent percent client satisfaction and robust technology use.

Why Choose Evince for Angular JS Development Services?

Evince development is one of the fastest growing full stack development company. Evince is attributed to immense client satisfaction and expanded expertise in all present-day technology options. It is a tradition at Evince to build, deploy and consistently manage great application infrastructure for businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What language is Angular developed in?

Angular is an open source framework which is written in Type Script. It's the recommended language for creating apps with Angular. This front end framework comes with a set of core functionalities to add awesomeness to the web app development project.

What is Angular JS Used For?

A JavaScript framework called Angular JS is used to create single-page applications. It makes use of what's new and fantastic today, keeps up with contemporary Web standards, and improves design patterns in order to make the dynamic application more alluring from every aspect.

Is Angular front-end or backend?

Angular JS is considered a pure front end development framework due to its functionality for developing a single-page web application (SPAs). The framework is always developing and expanding and offers improved ways to create online apps. The static HTML is converted to dynamic HTML.

What are the key features of AngularJS?

Features that made Angular JS a more amazing framework are as;

  • Data Binding
  • Model View Controller
  • Dependency Injection
  • Best User Interfaces
  • Cross-Platform
  • Declarative UI Expression
  • Affordability
  • Easy to Grasp
Why choose Evince Development for Angular JS development?

All our expertise, skills, transparent and clear communication, timely delivery, extensive support, and work quality, are all enough to choose EvinceDev Angular Development Company for your next Angular JS development project.

Do you have angular developers in house?

Yes, we do have!! We are a leading web app development company with holding years of expertise in multiple front end and back end technologies and so at EvinceDev we have all the in house resources to deliver the best services for Angular development.

How can I hire an EvinceDev Angular Developer?

Yes, we have a broad team of expert Angular Developers at our Angular development company at a fixed cost and hourly rate hiring model. For more details, be free to connect with us at any time.

Do you provide dedicated angular developers?

Yes! Holding a top-notch position as a leading Angular JS development company we do provide dedicated Angular developers and resources by mainly focusing on the North American clientele.

What Engagement models are you following for the Angular JS Projects?

Observing and respecting the markets demand, we are also striving to offer multiple engagement models to our global clientele which include:

  • Project base model
  • Fixed cost model
  • TMD Model (Time, Material and Dedicated Model)
What approach are you following for the Angular JS Projects development?

To satisfy our clients at EvinceDev we like to follow an appealing workflow that starts with Research > Wireframing > Visual designing > Code implementation > Testing > Deployment > Project handover to the client > Maintenance.

What is your project management methodology for Angular JS Projects?

In order to manage projects superbly, we always like to keep client satisfaction on priority, and hence we follow a proven methodology mentioning;

  • Project kick-off call
  • Project setup on Zoho PMS
  • Weekly Project status report
  • Milestone Demo Deliverable
  • Client Approval on Milestone and Project Completion
What if I have to change anything in my project requirement? How do you tackle my change request?

To update or make any requested changes in a web/app we directly connect with the client to discuss the change/update request, and then we research and examine the CR functionalities and send the research document to the client in order to take their approval

Post getting the client’s approval we add it to the project scope document and start implementing the requested changes.