Android Application Development

Evince Development, being a fast growing Android Application Development Company in India, have team of expert Android App developers with lots of skills and experience. Our proficient Top Android Application Developers have faced lots of challenges and conquer many hurdles in the Android Software Development process. Our services start from conceptual design to implementation quality control, release, upgrades and maintenance.

We at Evince assist our honorable clients to understand the worthiness of releasing app in the Play Store and using it to the benefit of business. Our goal is to help them achieve excellence with our highly crafted technological solutions that meet diverse business requirements.

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What is Android Application Development

Android Applications are software which is packaged into one single unit known as .apk apps and intended to run on top of different Android Operating Systems. Android application Supports a wide range of devices which includes mobile phones, smart watches, television sets, laptops etc. Android applications provide multi-tasking environment, great UI-UX support.

Android Application Development

why choose Us ?

Evince is among one of the best Android Application development company having a certified team of skilled Developers. Our programmers have gained expertise in developing various such applications. They are well aware with popular platform trending in market and comes up with a unique possible solution.

KEY BENEFITS OF Android Application Development

  • Open-Source Platform

    Provides Full access with no licensing and money required

  • Costless OS

    Google provides Android OS for free

  • Easy Integration

    We can integrate and make changes according to the business needs

  • Distributive Channels

    Gives you freedom to distribute apps from any medium to your own and use it

  • Easy Adoption

    Easy to adapt and transition script code with a good knowledge of Java for mobile application

  • Customization

    It offers a variety of options for customization based as per requirements

  • Compatible

    Compatible with varied hardware configurations

Android App Development Services

  • Android Application Development
  • Android software development
  • Android Game development
  • Android social networking Application
  • Health and Medical Android App Development
  • Fashion Android App Development
  • News Android App Development
  • Travel Android App Development
  • Business Android App Development
  • Music Android App Development
  • Learning & Education Android App Development

How Our Robust Android AppDevelopment Services Make Us Industry Leaders

Since its inception, Evince is known to offer the best Android application development services for several industry verticals including retail, healthcare, travel, utility, news and education. With the motto of 100% customer satisfaction, it manages to secure the topmost position in the field of Android development.

We offer custom Android Software development services in compliance with client’s requirement and specifications. Our cutting edge technological solutions have worked wonders for client’s business.

Our large group of highly qualified and trained engineers, analysts, designers and developers work in collaboration to accomplish your app development project goals. Their dedication to work is unmatched and second to none.

We hire professionals having extensive experience in app development field. Our team strategizes and renders the best solution based on your requirements, to make your business app stand out from the millions of them already existing in the Play Store.

We pledge to deliver your Android app on or before by adhering to strict timelines. We completely understand your urgency to release the app into the Play Store and work in co-ordination with you to come up with a successfully running Android app.

EvinceWork Process

Our team assists client in mapping the scope of app idea and developing a full proof plan to build an app on the same lines.

App development plan details are shared with the client for approval. Our working process starts and ends with the client. We keep client updated on every progress right from first discussion on app idea to the final release on Play store.

The design team works to their maximum potential to come up with an engaging, attractive yet sober design that is impressive enough for iPhone users.

Upon receiving an acknowledgement from client’s side, designers and developers start their work of building a robust and fully optimized Android app.

After testing for possible errors and bugs, Android app is further released to the Play Store and made available to public for its use.

Choose Evince as your Android app development partner and see your idea come to life. We make what you imagine with a focus light on your business goals and mission