Case Study

CCCure - Secure Quiz Engine Developed Using PHP CodeIgniter

Technology :


Industry :

Education (LMS)

Objective :

The main aim of the project is to help users practice for their certifications by generating quizzes that mimics the real time exam, both in terms of content and questions.

1. Overview of the Project

CCCure, with its vast knowledge base of multiple prestigious certifications, helps the users to reach their goal with ease and confidence.

For any quiz generation application, the most important component will be the ‘Questions’, both in terms of quality and quantity. The CCCure is equipped with a variety of question types ranging from the traditional true or false, multiple choice question types to advanced scenario based and hot spot question types.

CCCure allows any registered user to submit a question, which then will have to be approved by the admin before making it available for the quizzes. This is to maintain the quality and relevance of the questions with respect to certifications.

The user can improve on certain areas in a certification by selecting the required domains and topics of a certification. The user will also be able to generate questions based on keywords, the user has to just input the required keyword and system will generate a quiz with questions based on that keyword.

CCCure can be used not only by individuals but also by educational institutions or trainers, which are called, are bulk accounts. The users of the bulk accounts will be able to manage instructors, batches and students.

CCCure keeps track of all the quizzes taken by the users and provides up to date and relevant statistics, which will help the users to gain insights about their expertise in the study area.
CCCure is a subscription based application and offers flexible packages for both individual and bulk users. A user can pay for the chosen package directly from the application through the PayPal payment gateway.
Dynamic Role-based security will help the owner of the application to stay on top of all the management activities.

2. Requirements for the Project

Client, understanding that the current system is becoming a legacy approached Evince Development with a proposal to update the existing website, by retaining all the existing data, functionalities and also adding new functionalities. Below are few of the main requirements from the client;

1. Enforce Security Constraints
2. Responsive Design
3.Improving the speed and efficiency of quiz generation
4. Easy checkout process
5. Advertisements Management
6. Pay and Download Branded Study Material 
7. Import data from the existing site


The first and foremost challenge for Evince was to provide a better solution by maintaining the legacy of the existing website
Ensure low memory consumption in order to achieve faster processing speed for a better user experience for the quiz and navigation for the website
Technical difficulties in handling different question types like hotspot drag and drop questions
Difficulty in managing the students in multiple batches for the bulk owner
Difficult to come up with a solution that supports all kinds of operating systems

4. Solution

After a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, Evince came up with a solution of developing a secure quiz engine by using PHP CodeIgniter.
Evince used MEMCache Technology for handling multiple users for ongoing quizzes at a time. Evince provided an efficient and dynamic design of the website, effective Role management and User Management.
For hotspot types of questions (User makes use of the mouse to select something on a diagram as the correct answer to the question), and Drag and Drop questions (you have protocols on the left and port number on the right and you must match them together), team evince used jQuery and HTML tags to avoid flash technology so that the website will be supported on every operating system.
In quiz section, the team Evince provided various solutions like, quiz types, a timer in the quiz, resume saved quiz, review saved questions, and directly jump on any question. When a user generates a new quiz, users can have options to get incorrectly attempted questions in the previous quiz, or a fresh set of questions. Evince integrated CCCure with third party tools for help desk and advertisements and provided simple payment gateway functionality for the users.

5. Approach

Evince follows its own approach to software development which is the combination of various models like Scrum, Prototyping and Iterative model. Evince team goes through detailed analysis and requirements and plans for such an approach for an effective solution that fulfills the client’s business requirements. After this, the team provides the blueprint and design of the proposed website. Once the front end UI gets approved by the client, the development is initiated. The system will be then tested stepwise and will be deployed to the client.

Evince used PHP CodeIgniter framework and Javascript to provide a secured solution with JQuery for different functions like form validation, animation, event handling, and Ajax interactions and AJAX for avoiding page loading.

6. Website Features

  • Generate/Resume quiz
  • Quiz Track and Report card functionality
  • Statistics of the student
  • Responsive website
  • Simpler Payment options with PayPal integration and credit card payment
  • Packages for bulk owners and paid users
  • Email alert functionality
  • Separate Logins for Front End users and Admin
  • Dynamic Role and access management for users
  • Dynamic content managed by admin
  • Added new user type: Reviewer to review added questions by students
  • Branded PDF Functionalities
  • Added functionalities for homework management
  • Batch management and user management
  • Coupon Management
  • Instructor Management
  • Integration with Zendesk and adds Management
  • Bulk Import Functionality
  • Reports

7. Benefits

Gone are those days when students used to reach to their classes and prepare for their exams. In today’s world, applications like CCCure are great solutions for different educational institutes to provide services to remote students for their career establishment. It’s the best example for preparing, improving knowledge and proving the knowledge by getting the statistics for students’ knowledge. CCCure not only provides the best solution for different quizzes, it also helps students to get instructed where they are falling behind and by this, brings improvement in their preparation.