Case Study

Mukta Cinemas - Online Movie Ticket Booking Platform Developed

Technology :


Industry :

Retail, Entertainment

Objective :

The project objective is to help users to search, review and book movies tickets online that are showing in the multiplexes of Mukta Cinemas.

1. Overview of the Project

Mukta Arts Limited is one of India’s leading production house with business interests across the entertainment spectrum from Exhibition to Education. Founded by Mr. Subhash Ghai, one of India’s most successful film director, the company has a library of over 35 hit films and has a brand that is globally recognized for quality and entertainment.

From the Mukta Cinemas website, customers can book tickets of multiplexes from Mukta Arts. Customers can check the tickets available for the movies and can book tickets. Customers can also get the latest offers available on the website.

Currently, Mukta Cinemas is present in 12 cities and this is just the beginning of its journey. It plans to expand in many more cities in the near future.

For an online movie ticket booking system, the heart of the application will be the database of movies, theaters and the timings. Instead of creating a brand new database for this purpose an already existing 3rd party API is used.

This 3rd party API provides the list of all the current movies, upcoming movies, timings and ticket pricing for the current movies.

2. Requirements for the Project

The business requirement of the project is very much clear and straightforward ‘Users should be able to book tickets online for all the Mukta Cinemas’.
But what makes the project unique and interesting are the supporting requirements that enhance the scope of the main business requirement.

Below is the list of business requirements provided by the client;

  • Registration of users
  • Browse movies by language
  • Browse movies by cinemas
  • Online booking of tickets
  • View movie information
  • View movie trailers


3rd Party API Integration

Since an application is developed with a minimum database, all the vital information is gathered from 3rd party API. This created certain challenges with respect to displaying Movies, Cinemas and Shows.

Once this challenge is achieved, the next challenge is to display the movie and crew information. When some user mouse overs on any movie, the synopsis of the movie is displayed, which when clicked displays the complete details of the movie along with the details of the cast and crew of that particular movie.


When it comes to application security, in addition to securing your hardware and platform, you also need to write your code securely. The following security measures are implemented to protect the application from attacks:

  • Input data validation
  • Guarding against XSS attacks
  • Guarding against CSRF attacks
  • Preventing SQL Injection attacks
  • Protecting the file system
  • Protecting session data
  • Proper error handling
  • Guarding included files

4. Solution

After a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, Evince came up with a solution of developing a platform to book tickets using PHP CodeIgniter and linking it with a 3rd party API that provides all the raw data required for handling the end-to-end ticket bookings. This approach reduced the number of man-hours required drastically without compromising on either quality or features.

5. Approach

Evince follows its own approach for software development which is the combination of various models like Scrum, Prototyping and Iterative model. Evince team goes through detailed analysis and requirements and plans for such an approach for an effective solution that fulfills the client’s business requirements. After this, the team provides the blueprint and design of the proposed website. Once the front end UI gets approved by the client, the development is initiated. The system will be then tested stepwise and will be deployed to the client.

Evince used PHP CodeIgniter framework and Javascript to provide a secured solution with JQuery for different functions like form validation, animation, event handling, and Ajax interactions and AJAX for avoiding page loading.

6. Website Features

  • Schedules
  • Cinemas
  • Gift vouchers
  • Bulk booking
  • Advertise
  • Deals & More           
  • Multi location
  • Language      
  • My bookings
  • Payment Integration
  • Contest
  • Ticket categories
  • Feedback 
  • Coupons
  • Careers
  • Cinema locator
  • Google Map Integration (Share Map, add to Google maps)
  • Watch trailers (youtube videos)
  • Option to view feeds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on the website

7. Benefits

Booking tickets to watch your favorite movies has never been so easy and hassle free. Users can book the tickets from the comfort of their homes, rather than standing in the long queues and yet uncertain of the availability of the tickets.

Users can now reach the cinemas directly at the show time and can spend quality time with their family. What’s more is that users can buy their favorite snacks while booking a movie ticket and get it delivered directly to their seats.