EPacioli – Online Placement Agency

Epacioli is a professional networking platform where people can help each other to be more productive and innovative through exchange of ideas and discussions. It also provides you an opportunity to search for a job or freelance work.

  • Built for: Web
  • Technologies: ASP.NET MVC Technologies
  • Industry: Public Sector Public Sector
EPacioli – Online Placement Agency


  1. Multi-Country structure
  2. Advanced search functionality on the basis of country, industry, company, etc
  3. Multi-Currency PayPal payment gateway
  4. eStamps Management
  5. Automated Notification System
  6. Innate Dashboard
  7. LinkedIn and Google service Integration
EPacioli – Online Placement Agency

About ePacioli

ePacioli is an employment oriented Australian platform where people can create an account and get in touch with clients or employers. It is an open network which provides an opportunity to its members to interact with each other, exchange ideas and find opportunities for freelance work or employment.

EPacioli – Online Placement Agency

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Additional Beneficial Features

ePacioli is not just a networking platform, it lets Individuals, businesses and enterprises engage directly with top talent to deliver solutions quickly and easily. It is a great tool for talented people to help nurture & further polish their career.

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