Employee Speaks


Sanjay Patel

I have been a part of the organisation since the beginning and each day has been a new learning and rewarding experience. The relatively young team adds to the work environment. The culture here gives me the freedom to perform at my best and rewards it with recognition.

Akshay Jindal

I have been proud employee of Evince Development Pvt.Ltd for more than two years. Evince Development Pvt.Ltd provides a positive work environment, encourages you to learn, and to grow by providing you with opportunities. I find a unique blend of approachable management, dynamic work environment with versatile people.

Sandeep Modi

What attracted me to Evince Development Pvt.Ltd was the opportunity to participate and help shape a growth story. The desire and passion of fellow leaders for the organization’s growth and bond between employees are the two things that make me confident about our ability to scale highest peaks ahead.

Aman Deep Katiyar

I am fortunate that I have been given a chance to work in Evince Development Pvt.Ltd. The company has given lot of exposure to me and helped me grow as a professional. I am proud to be associated with Evince.

Anand Parikh

It has been an honour of my life having got the opportunity to serve in this great organisation. It’s been a very good experience because since joining Evince Development Pvt.Ltd, I have had several challenging and exciting opportunities to complete a variety of projects. Passion plus excellence are the only combination I have seen here in my work experience.

Critaa Pradhan

Evince Development Pvt.Ltd has offered such a challenging and professional work environment, which provides job satisfaction, career growth opportunities, prompts decision-making and encourages delivering exceptional levels of performance with social, environmental & ethical values.

Dinesh Lodhi

Being part of Evince Development Pvt.Ltd, I have always found my role very challenging which gave me enough opportunities to learn, adapt and grow with the organization. At Evince you feel valued from the start. You feel you are part of a team in each of the projects you work on, and you are given challenging tasks that make you feel your work is important for the project.

Ravi Panjwani

It’s been a year that I have been working in Evince and it has proved to be a great experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’.Evince is a nice place to work with colleagues.It has always provide me oppertunities to advance the technological as well as management knowledge. It has really helped me out to handle the professional and personal life in various up and downs.