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Cloud Services for AWS

If you are looking for AWS services hen, this is the place where you can build sophisticated applications that is flexible, scalable and reliable. You can save time, money, and let AWS manage your infrastructure, without compromising scalability, security, or dependability.

AWS cloud services provides the secure cloud platform to build flexible applications offering with data storage, content management and other functionality to help your business grow and flourish.

There are three types of cloud services they are:
  • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS):- IAAS is a type of cloud service that contains basic building blocks for cloud IT which provides access to networking between computers and data storage space. It has the flexibility and management control over your IT resources.
  • Platform as a Service(PaaS):- The need for internal infrastructure that are operating systems and other hardware is fulfilled and also allows you to deploy and manage your applications. It is efficient so can make it easy for resource procurement, capacity planning and software maintenance.
  • Software as a Service(SaaS):- This provides you with support to end-user applications like how to use it? How to maintain it? The program inside running is itself a software and providing you in terms of service to use it.