Why is Node js better than PHP and .Net?

Web development is perhaps a broad and ever-evolving field. New technologies and tools regularly emerge, posing a challenge for app developers. They can’t tell the difference between Javascript and Node.js and long-term, established solutions and newer, emerging ones.

Backend programmers are the ones who are most likely to have to choose between .Net, PHP, and Node.js. Due to a variety of factors, it has now become a common occurrence among Web App developers

Previously, Javascript had no overlap with PHP. The frontend apps are developed using Javascript, while the server-side applications are developed with PHP. These two languages collaborated to develop stunning websites. .Net is amongst the most often used programming languages for creating server-side applications. According to various sources, Node Js is used by 1.4 percent to 2.2 percent of websites worldwide.

What happened suddenly? What caused the situation to change? It has been the case since JS, which represents a whole new Node. Js started to make advances into the server-side domain, drawing backend programmers away from PHP and .Net.

Technological Overview


Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that runs outside of a browser. However, to run a Javascript application, Node.js provides a runtime environment and helps run faster. The Node.js Foundation manages and develops the open-source community project. Node JS frameworks, libraries, and tools are used by 49.9% of professional developers.


.Net is a Microsoft framework to build applications that operate on Windows-based devices, desktops, and servers. The framework has an unusual feature in that it allows developers to create cross-platform server apps that can operate on Linux, Windows, and even Mac OS. .Net is becoming more popular among people due to its reliability and security. With its wide selection of support programs, code libraries, compilers, and APIs, this framework may design, develop, compile, build, and deploy an application. 


PHP is a server-side, open-source programming language. It was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf and has gone a long way. W3Tech found that many websites are written on PHP. CMS like WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, and WooCommerce has grown in prominence as PHP has taken over the backend.

Here is a summary of these three technologies. Compare them now. Remember, it’s not a contest to see which is the best. Instead, it helps in understanding and decision-making.

.Net Vs. Node.js

We’ll make the comparison between Node.js vs. .Net, which can also be distinguished depending on certain factors.

Node.js can easily manage to multitask as it runs on the high-performance JavaScript engine V8. It can improve the performance of your application by 50%. It can also handle greater traffic without the need for an external server. When comparing the performance of ASP.NET with Node.js, the results vary depending on the project’s needs. Node.js makes it simple to manage tasks that need little computing.

Due to its asynchronous nature, Node.js can support many callbacks. There aren’t many abstractions to deal with while working with Node.js. Node JS can greatly speed up the loading process by 50-60%. It also allows you to combine small components rather than a large number of parameters.

ASP.NET inherits a set of standards that allow you to improve your code while keeping it accurate and concise. However, deviating from these setups will result in manual configuration, which is more complex and time-consuming.  

Node.js consists of smaller, reusable libraries that allow you to accomplish more with less code. The latest version of ASP.NET core is a massively scalable framework with several unique solutions which speed up development.

When it comes to hosting Node.js apps, there are certain limits. As a result, the vast majority of developers opt to run their own Linux Web Server. AWS, Heroku, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are possibilities for hosting ASP.NET apps.

The Node.js community is well-known and active. It is constantly working to improve Node.js. When trapped in a challenging position during development, one may seek assistance at any moment.

Advantages of .Net

In the.Net framework, everything you see is an object. The same is true for whatever you write inside the framework. As a result, you’ll have a powerful tool for not just accessing but also controlling your apps. It also makes responding to recurrent occurrences much easier.

With .Net, creating and maintaining pages is a breeze. It’s because the source code and HTML are both there. Furthermore, the source code is executed on the server. What exactly does this indicate? It increases the power and flexibility of your web pages.

Developers may take advantage of various features to design powerful apps. Consider the comprehensive toolset it offers, as well as the designer in the visual studio. You can use features like automated deployment, WYSIWYG editing, and drag-and-drop controls with them.

Advantages of Node.js

Node.js was the first technology to enable backend JavaScript. It improves infrastructure. Using this language on both the client and server makes code migration simpler. With slight adjustments, the logic developed for the browser will execute on the server.

As Node.js is designed to handle asynchronous queries, its applications are highly scalable. The requests may be performed in parallel, without waiting for the preceding ones to finish. 

It is also a single-threaded programming language comparable to Javascript. As a result, your Javascript code runs in a single thread (main thread), in sync with the event loop & callback queue. 

It does not require frequent threading because it is very fast, but it is important to use the right thread in commercial applications many times. The micro-services concept in Node.js can help with it, though.

As Node.js has a lower learning curve, it is easier to get started. Furthermore, when everyone on the team knows JavaScript, it’s easy to share information. If you go to any Node.js development company, you’ll notice this.

Node.js vs. PHP

We’ll evaluate PHP vs Node.js based on various criteria, including practical application, development, hosting, and so on.

Web apps, game servers, single-threaded apps, browsers, and other applications use Node.js. PHP, on the other hand, is typically used for web-based applications.

When programming with PHP, a developer’s experience is much faster and easier than when using Node.js. It is mainly because compilers and converters are not required. The language establishes a primary connection to the SQL database and has no restrictions on hosting it.Node.js is a complex framework. The deployment of frameworks and apps in Node.js necessitates more complicated server architecture and planning.

In comparison to Node.js, several hosting services offer PHP. Because of this, PHP is easier to deploy and integrate than Node. To run apps, it will need SSH access with a virtual server.

When you need a lot of data or many concurrent connections with a fast response time, Node.js wins because it provides an entirely event-driven, non-blocking framework for scripting highly concurrent systems. Node JS can improve the performance of apps by 50%. When it comes to real-time use cases, Node.js seems to be the best option between Nodejs vs PHP.

Which Technology Should You Prefer for Your Next Project?

For you and many other businesses, now is the moment to respond to this issue. You’ve previously looked at the benefits of .Net, Node.js, and PHP. Now, you will have a better idea of what each of them can do for your company.

Here’s a table that shows which technology to use for each project category.

Node.js PHP .Net
Real-time apps E-commerce website with CMS Dynamic web pages
Dynamic single-page apps Blogs Web and mobile applications
Streaming apps Dynamic websites Multi-threaded Secure applications

Final Thought

Overall, all three technologies are helpful for Web Development Companies like EvinceDev. It all simply refers to your requirements. Understanding the business and project logic can help you select the most suitable technology platform for a given project.

Another factor to consider is the programmers’ expertise and abilities while employing a specific technology. We provide Node.js development, PHP solutions, and .Net development services at EvinceDev. You can contact us if you need to hire a Node js developer, and we will provide you with the best guidance.

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