What’s New in Flutter 3.22 Release? How Will It Help in Flutter Development?

Flutter 3.22: Elevating Cross-Platform App Development with Enhanced Performance, New Features, and Seamless Integration.

Flutter 3.22 Latest Update Blog

Flutter 3.22 is live! Flutter has quickly become a powerhouse in app development, offering a flexible, robust framework that enables developers to create high-performance applications across multiple platforms.

With each release, Flutter introduces new features and improvements, refining the developer experience and expanding its capabilities. 

Google I/O’s latest iteration, Flutter 3.22, released on 14th May 2024, continues the trend, bringing many enhancements and fixes that promise to make app development even smoother and more efficient.

Major Highlights of Flutter 3.22

Firebase Issues

One of the significant updates in Flutter 3.22 is the resolution of all known Firebase issues. Firebase integration is crucial for many Flutter applications, providing backend services such as authentication, real-time databases, and analytics. 

The absence of Firebase-related problems ensures that such services run smoothly, enhancing the reliability and performance of Flutter apps.

Minimal Breaking Changes

Flutter 3.22 has been designed with stability in mind. It introduces a few breaking changes to the Material Design system and the core framework, reducing the need for extensive refactoring and allowing developers to update their projects with minimal disruption.

Regenerate Build Files

Developers are advised to regenerate build files such as index.html and Gradle scripts to maintain compatibility with the new version of Flutter and its dependencies. 

It ensures the project’s build process remains intact and optimized for the new features and improvements introduced in Flutter 3.22.

Replace Deprecated Libraries

Maintaining an up-to-date codebase is crucial for long-term viability and performance. Flutter 3.22 encourages developers to replace deprecated libraries with newer alternatives, using the latest features and optimizations to future-proof their applications.

Framework Improvements

Flutter 3.22 brings several updates to the framework, enhancing the overall development experience:

Material Widgets Updates

Flutter 3.22 brings significant updates and fixes to the Material Design system, enhancing the user experience and providing developers with more tools and flexibility to create stunning applications. 

Let’s delve into some of the highlighted and essential bug fixes and features introduced in the release:

Chip Enhancements

SelectableRegion and CircularProgressIndicator Improvements

SearchBar and SearchAnchor Updates

TextField and TextFormField Enhancements

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

Such updates and fixes demonstrate the Flutter team’s dedication to refining the Material design experience and ensuring a smoother development process for Flutter app creators.

Platform-Specific Enhancements

In Flutter 3.22, significant updates have been made to iOS, Android, and Windows platforms:

iOS Enhancements

Android Enhancements

Windows Enhancements

DevTools Updates

Flutter 3.22 introduces significant tooling enhancements to streamline development workflows:

Native Assets Support for Android Add2app

The enhancement facilitates smoother integration of native assets into Android applications, simplifying the add-to-app process.

Gradle Kotlin DSL Support

Gradle Kotlin DSL support enables more concise and expressive build configurations with Kotlin DSL, improving code readability and maintainability.

Improved Shader Target Selection

Improvements in shader target selection produce optimized shaders for different rendering environments on Android, enhancing graphics performance.

Asset Bundle Optimization

Asset bundle management has been streamlined for improved performance, making managing and optimizing app assets easier.

Enhanced Gradle Version Handling

Updates to Gradle version handling ensure compatibility and stability with different Gradle releases, minimizing build issues.

Engine and Impeller Improvements

The Flutter engine, which powers Flutter applications, has received numerous updates in the release, mainly focusing on Impeller, the new rendering engine designed to replace Skia. Some of the key improvements include:

New Blur Effect

A new blur effect has been introduced with better downscaling and support for mipmaps in backdrop filters. It improves visual effects, making applications more visually appealing.

Shader Bundle Improvements

Enhanced support for uniform structs and Vulkan runtime effects/fragment program API has been added, providing developers with more powerful tools for creating complex shaders.

Rendering Pipeline Optimization

Optimizations to the rendering pipeline include descriptor pool incremental allocation and direct writing to block-allocated device buffers, improving rendering performance and efficiency.

Memory Management Optimization

Memory management has been optimized by reducing shared pointer copies and improving buffer usage in computing operations. Such changes enhance the overall performance and stability of Flutter applications.

Source: Flutter

WebAssembly Integration

A major highlight of Flutter 3.22 is the introduction of WebAssembly (Wasm) support on the stable channel. Wasm offers significant performance improvements, particularly for applications with rich animations and transitions.

In internal benchmarks, Wasm improved frame rendering times by 2x on average and 3x in worst-case scenarios. It provides smoother animations and a more responsive user experience, making Flutter apps more compelling on the web.

Vertex AI for Firebase Dart SDK

Flutter 3.22 introduces a preview of the Vertex AI for Firebase Dart SDK, enabling developers to integrate generative AI features into their applications. 

The SDK is designed for production, offering performance and scalability with Firebase App Check integration to protect backend infrastructure. 

Source: Medium

With Vertex AI, developers can enhance their applications with advanced machine learning models, providing users with more innovative and personalized experiences.

Source: Flutter

Breaking Changes and Deprecations


To ensure vibrant palettes, developers are encouraged to use DynamicSchemeVariant.fidelity or DynamicSchemeVariant.content when using ColorScheme.fromSeed with high chroma values.

Removal of v1 Android Embedding

Support for version one of the Android embedding has been completely removed. Developers need to migrate to version two, as outlined in the migration guide provided by Flutter.


Flutter 3.22 is a significant release that brings numerous improvements and new features, making app development more efficient and enjoyable. 

With enhanced performance, better tooling support, and new capabilities like WebAssembly and Vertex AI integration, Flutter continues to enable developers to create high-quality, cross-platform applications

Staying updated with the latest developments in Flutter’s ecosystem is essential. Hiring experienced Flutter 3 developers who fully utilize the technology is critical to employing such advancements. 

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