7 Tips to Increase Transportation Startups Profit

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For the success of your logistic transportation startup, mastering the art of increasing customer loyalty is very important. This is your trump card which you can use to turn your first-time buyers into regular customers with repeated purchase opportunities. Now the main issue is that you cannot inspire loyalty in the customers using any kind of shortcuts.

A level of self-promotion and constant sales pitches can only take you to an extent. This does not mean that you cannot do more. You can make use of a variety of logistics & transportation IT services to go far as you wish. So before we get into it, let’s know why it is important to care about customer loyalty.

What makes customer loyalty important?

If we talk about your logistics transportation services or any other business, customers play a very crucial role. If there are no customers, then there is no business.

This is right. Still, you might be thinking about why we have to come up with a strategy for customer loyalty.

The reason for taking such a step is simple. Your business will be more liked and recommended by people only when they tend to be more loyal to your brand. Again, when you choose to go for customer loyalty, you increase the chances of repeat purchases which will increase the lifetime value of the shoppers.

Any business –in order to attain new customers have to spend five to twenty-five times more money, which is quite more than what they need to spend to retain the existing ones.

Learn How to Improve Customer Loyalty for Logistic Transportation Service

Remember that you need passion and commitment along with enough time and money to make this happen.

Some of the strategies which can be opted by logistics and transportation businesses to gain customer loyalty and retain them are mentioned below:

Come up with a killer value proposition

The first thing you need to do is to come up with a compelling value proposition. This will explain what you are and for what you stand. Now instead of coming up with something that is general, you better target a specific set of the buyer persona. You can even take time to see what your competitors are doing just to be sure your proposition is unique. You can carry out A/B testing to ensure your proposition is right for the target audience. In short, this is an attempt to make the audience tempted to shop from your store and be part of the brand.

Build an engaging community

In order to build a strong community around your logistics and transportation startup business, you should make use of the popular social media channels. You should share your stories with the people on a daily basis using articles, posts, comments, images, and videos. You can attract user-generated content by holding social media contests and can give away rewards for the best ones.

You should also learn to be a good listener. Make it a point to take part actively in the conversations with your users and don’t hesitate to get personal. You can make use of social monitoring tools to look for places where your brand is mentioned and respond back promptly.

Focus on social proof

For a business, the best way to reinforce it’s brand’s credibility and authority is by building positive influence on social media and through IT transportation solutions. You can carry out this task in a number of ways.

For example, you can share infographics and statistics from known resources. You can also encourage your customers to write testimonials and reviews on websites like Yelp. You may even be able to connect with some influencers to get some celebrity endorsements.

You should try to make the customers believe that they will be missing out much if they don’t shop with you and even make them realize you are the best to trust.

Offer amazing customer service

When it comes to building loyalty in mobility logistic transportation services, customer service plays a key role. So it is important that you try to see your business from the viewpoint of your customers. You need to ensure your contact information and address is readily available for the customers easily to make a contact any time.

In the case of most of the businesses, customers expect to get a reply within the first few hours of the contact. In such a situation implementing chatbots on your website or social channels can be a bright idea. Chatbot services can ensure you to offer 24*7 customer service to the clients as well as make it possible to improve the rate of responses. This will help you decrease any kind of negative word-of-mouth as well as promote customer satisfaction. This can be a smart move to attract those customers back who were not happy with your services.

Building excellent user experience

In order to drive customer loyalty, amazing UX plays a crucial role. If your business does not have a website then it is time you plan to build one. IT logistic transportation service have an effective influence on your logistics and transportation business.

If you already have a website to reach your customers it is time you start fine-tuning it. You need to be sure that your site has more to offer apart from the appealing looks. You need to be sure they have a smooth experience on the site with easy to navigate pages. Usability and load speed of the web pages are very important factors to consider. If you don’t have the right manpower and talent for the job then you should look for an agency which can take care of things smoothly.

A customer is a king – treat them that way

There is a good chance that you may sideline your existing customers in an attempt to acquire new ones. Now you cannot let this thing happen because your existing customers are very valuable to your business. As per the research of Fredrick Reichheld, increase in customer retention just by 5% can let you make profits of 25% to 95% based on your industry. Simply using sweet words won’t do. You should come up with loyalty programs for your customers and use them in an effective manner by analyzing the customer data. Your efforts should tempt them to come back and opt for your services. Offering discounts and even sending personalized messages with coupon through SMS or email for birthday or anniversary is a good strategy too.

You should take some effort to collect feedback through website surveys and email questionnaires as it can help you improve your customer service.

Build a strong team

For a brand, the employees are considered as its heart and soul. Employees should have the right expertise and talent for the job and at the same time, be able to relate with the mission of your business. This can only be achieved through effective recruitment policy. During the interview process, you should be able to completely let them know about your expectations from the candidates and explain to them about the responsibilities that come with the profile.

Whenever a new member joins the company, make it mandatory to carry out onboard training. Encourage them to open up and share their advice or tips through blog posts.

Encourage your employees to be part of the interviews and company videos which promote the life within the office premises. Make the place interesting rather than restricting them to the chairs behind the table.

Happy employees will build a happy customer base.


Logistics and transportation business is not going to slow down anytime. This means that choosing the right Logistic Transportation Service is an effective way to boost revenue by building customer loyalty. Remember that only happy and satisfied customers will return to the brand and so coming up with strategies can help you improve customer loyalty that plays a huge role in business success.

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