The Rising Popularity of Azure Application Development Amongst Enterprises

The rise of Azure application development

Popularity of Azure Application Development Amongst Enterprises

Azure is a popular cloud computing platform that is primarily used for hosting and building applications. In recent years, with enormous popularity in the cloud computing networks, Azure is slowly gaining its ground. It is popular amongst many enterprises as it facilitates Platform as a Service that is abbreviated as PaaS. This, in turn, provides the application developers with certain tools that are termed beneficial in deploying new services in the existing cloud infrastructure. However, according to modern-day technology experts, the rise of Azure application development can be attributed to the fact that it is compliant with most of the existing security standards. These are the following points that elaborately shed light on the reason behind Azure’s popularity.

Extensively used by mobile application developers: The popularity of Azure lies in the fact that it can be used by mobile application developers to build apps that are feature rich and are secured. More developers can create a wide variety of applications on several platforms. Hence, Azure facilitates app development that is cross-platform in nature.

Promotes applications that have Big Data: With recent advancements in app development, the demand for big data is increasing at a drastic pace. With the help of Azure, the developers can include more prominent features in the application. Numerous Azure services allow the developers to build applications that can utilize big data. Another prominent feature of Azure lies in the fact that the application can be made as per computing and store needs of the client.

Aids in Microservices: With the speed and convenience of Azure Applications Services, developers are shifting from traditional monolithic software model to a more microservice architecture. By moving to microservice architecture, the developers can build more secure apps due to the reason that microservice comprises several independent components that function together in the construction of the application.

Azure facilitates in developing visualization applications: It is regarded as one of the major applications through the help of which major applications that use big data can be built. Moreover, to extract big data, developers can use Azure Event Hubs. It is defined as publish subscribe service that can be used to stream and collect millions and billions of events per second in several applications. Moreover, Azure Stream Analytics can aid to process events in real time. Moreover, it can issue alerts and detect errors.

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