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Mean Stack Technology

We bring you all the latest updates regarding MEAN stack architecture and technology. Also, learn how developing web apps with a MEAN stack structure can prove to be crucially beneficial for any business.

MEAN Stack Technology

The future of web apps might seem daunting; however, the entire is not true. Although mobile app development is buzzing in digital space, it will not take over Progressive Web Applications. For an entrepreneur to achieve his goals or business vision, he must ensure that the mass is using his products and services.  In a way, to take complete advantage and use the full potential to reach the target audience. In doing so, web apps can prove to be more beneficial and effective as compared to progressive mobile apps. The following are the main reasons behind it:

Advantages of MEAN Stack Technology

  1. First Search: Whenever a user wants to know about your company or business, the first thing they will do is search online. Hence, web apps give your company a good first-hand impression, look and feel.
  2. Ease-of-Access: A user can get to know about your business from anywhere, anytime, with just an internet connection and browser. They’ll have the freedom to choose from mobile, laptop, desktop, or any other smart device.
  3. User-friendly: Free your users from the hassle of downloading and installing to get to know about your business and services.
  4. A Wider Presence: Your company’s web app can have a far more widespread global presence as compared to just iPhone, Android, or Windows mobile apps.

Since recently, progressive web apps have started to gain momentum. Rich user experience and seamless navigation by mobile apps have raised the expectations of users and set the bar high for progressive web apps. As one of the top mobile and web app development company, we can conclude that the solution is “Mean Stack Technology”.

The term ‘Stack’ related to software development refers to a collection of different software products and programming languages. Comprising such a stack of technologies is being used frequently by software firms to build mesmerizing web and mobile applications. There are close to 1.77 billion websites hosted on the world wide web today. There is a need for software stack wherein developers around the globe can cope with the growing needs of businesses. Moreover, they have the leverage of freedom and power to deliver robust application prototypes with visually alluring designs that are scalable as per the business requirement. MEAN is one such stack/collection of technologies that allows full-stack developers (who can perform front-end & back-end operations) to stringently test and perform speedy iterations. We will also cover later, why enterprises are considering MEAN stack for building scalable, secure and powerful web apps. But first, let’s get you a brief about MEAN stack technology.

The MEAN stack technology is flexible to create a single-page site combined with complex enterprise solutions. While working on the sophisticated enterprise solutions, you and your team can collaborate with the following set of datasets. MEAN could also help with the SPA (single-page applications). MEAN is comprising of the following components:

i) MongoDB

ii) ExpressJS

iii) AngularJS

iv) NodeJS.

It is a light-weight server-side JavaScript framework. Therefore it is highly beneficial for e-commerce, healthcare, logistics, etc industries for its seamless integration and implementation. This architecture follows MEAN Stack MVC (model-view-controller). The architecture description is inscribed with CRUD wherein, after CRUD the API data is retrieved from MongoDB and then send it to the user.

If you wish to learn more about the MEAN Stack Architecture, then click here.

How MEAN stack development can add value to your business or Why MEAN stack technology is a perfect technology stack for web applications?

  1. Scalability: Once your app is deployed on the store and starts drawing a large number of users, you’ll need to increase data & storage space. This extra workload & pressure can affect the efficiency and performance may drive your web app to crash. Both the components, i.e., ‘M’ & ‘N’ of MEAN stack architecture, make your app scalable by supporting Horizontal Scaling through their respective features. With cloud storage support, MongoDB can efficiently store and manage the massive increase in data.
  2. Save on Development Cost: Since MEAN stack technology is open source and all its components are free to use, it is easier to make it available to a wide-spread audience and does not add-on any additional expense. Moreover, its reusability of libraries, modules & code sharing components allows developers to finish the project within a specific time and budget. This also leads to improved team communication and enhanced productivity for faster delivery.
  3. Organized & Flexible: Common platform for all 4 components allows us to develop performance-driven apps and are better apt to multi-device responsive designs. Coding with a flexible MEAN JavaScript stack hugely benefits developers & designers to remain in sync with the project management schedules.
  4. JSON Everywhere: A MEAN stack developer doesn’t have to rewrite or reformat the JSON data. Hence making data transfer between the layers much smoother. Moreover, the data can free-flow among the layers which in turn eliminates the need to reformat or rewrite. MEAN stack application architecture uses a common JSON format everywhere for data, allowing it to function more easily with APIs.
  5. Simpler Editing: With just a few handfuls of free open source tools & libraries, developers are easily able to track end-to-end development flow, keep a tab on data exchange and find any bugs or errors. Since the entire process is based on a single language, it is quite easy to reprocess it for front-end and back-end.
  6. Isomorphic Coding: MEAN stack allows us to write a code in one framework and then transfer it to another without any impact on server or client-side performance. It is one of the cutting-edge technology stacks as compared to others due to the possibility of rendering pages on both – the client and server-side.
  7. Speed & Effective Teamwork: Since all the developers are on the same page with universal programming fundamentals, it is easier for them to understand the in and out of web app development. Moreover, Node.js outruns even Apache in terms of performance. Being event-driven architecture, the rate of optimization and development are the key factor in the MEAN technology. An effective API structure leads to seamless communication between the client and the server. Hence, it avoids any confusion even though they are the same language.
  8. Free from OS: Unlike the LAMP stack, which is only compatible with Linux, had proposed a limitation for developers. However, the MEAN stack is an OS-independent development framework that works well with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  9. JavaScript Framework: Due to its JavaScript framework, it has its own set of benefits to offer in terms of providing optimum user experience & data management. Relying on the robustness and power of the framework, the data recovery process is also very efficient. NodeJS and AngularJS offer a superior environment to build competent web apps, resulting in increased traffic.

MEAN stack structure paves the way to derive the optimum solution for your business to develop your app. The MEAN stack application development fits perfectly to develop real-time progressive web apps or apps that are cloud-deployment friendly. A few examples of the above-stated web app category are as follows:

Summing Up

The success, credit and popularity of MEAN stack belongs to its 4 JavaScript technologies. These technologies bind themselves and allow them to work closely with each other. The combination of MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js will superfluously help you to develop a web app for your business. This mixture of the best & the latest development technologies makes MEAN stack development have a cutting-edge modern approach to constructing innovative and future-ready Web Apps.

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