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EvinceDev's February 2024 Recap: Celebrating Success, Welcoming New Talent, and Unveiling Strategic Initiatives for Future Growth!

February 2024 EvinceDev Digest

February 2024 was a month of excitement, progress, and shared achievements at EvinceDev, setting the tone for the year ahead! As we bid farewell to the winter, let us walk you through the memorable highlights that made February remarkable.

From brainstorming sessions to launching innovative projects to the new office inauguration, our team was unstoppable, and it was a month brimming with small victories and significant breakthroughs, driving us forward on our journey of growth and success.

Here’s a rundown of everything that made this month special!

Fresh Beginnings: Introducing EvinceDev’s Newest Members

EvinceDev welcomes dynamic individuals eager to contribute their talents and enthusiasm to the team! The company understands that success is not just about great ideas but also the right people to bring those ideas to life.

Let’s extend a warm welcome and congratulations to these fresh faces! They represent the spirit of leadership, ready to infuse their expertise and energy into making EvinceDev even more vibrant.

With 1.9 years of digital marketing experience, specializing in SEO, and an MBA in Finance & Marketing, Aditya joins as a Marketing executive whose passion for travel will undoubtedly add a unique perspective.

With an impressive 14-year background in Mobile Development encompassing Android, React Native, and BlackBerry platforms, he steps into the role of Tech Lead in the Mobile Department. Outside of coding, he enjoys playing cricket and chess.

Joining the Microsoft Department as a Software Engineer, Nirmal brings over three years of proficiency in Node.js and React.js. Beyond software, Nirmal’s interests extend to cricket, swimming, kho-kho, and reading.

With a robust 7.6-year tenure as a Product Manager, Anand joins the Eatance Department, where his expertise and love for food promise exciting advancements in the Eatance domain.

Bringing 21 years of IT experience, Deepesh assumes the vital role of Program Manager in the Operations & Management Department. Beyond the boundaries of work, he finds relief in gardening and squash.

Dinner on Us: Memorable Birthday Bashes at EvinceDev

In February 2024, EvinceDev cherished the joyous occasion of celebrating the birthdays of its remarkable Spartans, who infuse the workplace with a familial atmosphere. 

Embraced these incredible moments through the “Dinner on Us Policy”, sharing the celebration costs and ensuring each Spartan’s special day is an unforgettable experience.

Among those who took advantage of the Dinner on Us Policy” were esteemed team members such as Tapan Italiya, Hardik Kothiya, and Surbhi Rathod, who celebrated their birthdays in style.

Take a peek at some delightful snapshots capturing the joyous birthday party celebrations of the team members.

New Office Address Revealed

Sanjay Rajpara, Vice President at EvinceDev, delighted the team by revealing the exciting new office address, guiding a chapter of fresh beginnings and expanding horizons for EvinceDev. With anticipation buzzing, the announcement sparked enthusiasm and curiosity among all Spartans, eager to explore the upcoming workspace.

Magento Meet 2024: A Showcase of Expertise and Innovation

EvinceDev (CMMI Level 3 Certified) proudly participated in the Magento Meet 2024, held on February 10, 2024.  

From delving into AI-powered eCommerce to refining B2B strategies and enhancing Magento 2 expertise, the team grabbed the opportunity to expand their knowledge and connect with over 800 like-minded individuals and skilled experts. 

Such enriching experiences sparked creativity and promoted collaboration, driving the commitment towards eCommerce innovation.

Love and Renewal: New Office Inauguration on Valentine’s Day and Vasant Panchami

On the auspicious occasion of Valentine’s Day and Vasant Panchami on February 14, 2024, EvinceDev joyously inaugurated its new office space. The confluence of these two momentous celebrations added an extra layer of auspiciousness and positivity to the event. 

With hearts full of love and spirits uplifted by the onset of spring, the team commenced a new chapter in the journey. The inauguration marked not only the physical expansion of the workspace but also symbolized growth, renewal, and fresh beginnings. It was a day filled with warmth, companionship, and the promise of exciting opportunities ahead.

Celebrated New Office Inauguration with Family Dinner and Exclusive First Look Event

EvinceDev hosted an exciting pre-move event at the brand-new, spacious office and a heartwarming family dinner to memorialize the inauguration of the new office. Gathering together as one big family, everyone shared laughter, stories, and delicious food in the cozy atmosphere. The evening was filled with warmth and sociability, symbolizing the strong bonds that unite as a team. It was a memorable occasion, beginning a new chapter together.

Milestone Announcement: Revealed Eatance’s Impressive Growth

In a recent announcement, CEO Maulik Pandya shared exciting news about Eatance’s remarkable growth. Within just one year, Eatance has transitioned from its BETA stage to achieving significant growth, an accomplishment achieved by less than 5% of companies. The success story has earned Eatance exclusive access and a spot on the top startup list at the upcoming Collision event in 2024. 

He expressed enthusiasm for Eatance’s accomplishments, highlighting the company’s innovative approach and dedication to excellence. The achievement increases Eatance’s position as a critical player in the tech industry and sets the stage for continued success under the CEO’s leadership.

Client Appreciation And Team Recognition

EvinceDev received heartfelt appreciation from the client, highlighting the exceptional dedication and support provided by the team throughout the week. The client expressed gratitude for Henit and the entire team’s efforts in supporting them during crucial moments, particularly in international relations. 

The client acknowledged the crucial role of the entire team in the Resource Weary of the student platform, indicating the significance of their contributions. Furthermore, the client shared another piece of fantastic news, where she received a national award and credited the team for their outstanding work. The client’s message resonated with appreciation for the team’s constant support whenever needed.

Ideas in Action: Evince Team’s Whiteboard Initiative

The Marketing Team announced a new initiative to boost connectivity and engagement within the EvinceDev family. Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming whiteboards:

EvinceDev Whiteboard

The dynamic EvinceDev Marketing Whiteboard will showcase trending news, entertaining moments, sports highlights, event updates, and more. The team promises to keep the content fresh and trending, whether daily, on alternate days, or whenever something sparks interest.

Anniversary Board 

Milestones deserve special recognition! Alongside the casual anniversary wishes, the Anniversary Board invites spartans to share heartfelt messages or elaborate greetings. The team will capture these moments daily with a photo of the celebrated member(s) next to the board, creating cherished snapshots of the collective well-wishes.

Birthday Board 

Following the same concept as the Anniversary Board, birthday wishes will now have a dedicated space on the Birthday Board. It’s an opportunity to collect handwritten messages of celebration and joy. Plus, expect a photo session with the birthday star at the end of the day, adding a personal touch to the digital shout-outs.

These boards will enhance the workplace culture and digital presence and offer the opportunity to share, celebrate, and spread the word about the vibrant community.

Leading Forward: A Special Message From The Founder & CEO

In an eagerly awaited announcement, EvinceDev’s esteemed Founder and CEO, Maulik Pandya, revealed crucial updates and strategic initiatives to shape the company’s trajectory.

Welcoming New Talent

He introduced two new additions to the team:

Revised Incentive Structure

He highlighted EvinceDev’s commitment to recognizing excellence and disclosed a revised incentive structure for the core Development Team. These incentives are set to nearly double, with Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers receiving well-deserved boosts.

Transition to Public Limited Company

In a significant step towards further growth and expansion, he announced EvinceDev’s transition into a public limited company with a plan to commence in April 2025. Eligible employees are encouraged to expect their offer letters while existing offer holders await instructions for allotment.

Expansion Endeavors

EvinceDev’s global footprint is set to expand with the imminent launch of EvinceDev Canada, which is projected to go live before the year’s end.

Exciting Developments at Eatance

He shared promising updates from Eatance, EvinceDev’s subsidiary, which has acquired keen interest from investors. Positioned at the growth stage of Collision, Eatance is set for accelerated expansion and market penetration.

Strategic Roadmap

Looking ahead, He outlined EvinceDev’s strategic roadmap, emphasizing a commitment to achieving 100% project success within the next two years. The company aims to redefine client engagement by selecting projects on their terms and pricing, promoting stronger client relationships, particularly in the US market.

Promising Future for Eatance

Eatance’s future looks equally bright, with plans to update the platform’s MRP for enhanced scalability and launch a new, innovative Eatance App. Expectation runs high as Eatance gears up to participate in prestigious events and aims to grow its user base significantly by year-end.

These announcements highlight EvinceDev’s constant dedication to excellence, innovation, and strategic growth. With the entire team’s efforts, EvinceDev is set to achieve even greater success in the days ahead.

Successful Project Deliveries

During the celebrations, EvinceDev proudly showcased its successful project deliveries.


The Bonnet is a user-friendly vehicle management application tailored for dealers and customers, offering streamlined data management and service reminders. 

EvinceDev’s contributions to the project include integrating CarJam for comprehensive data retrieval, employing a color-coded system to track service due dates quickly, and implementing automated reminders to ensure timely notifications. 

The company developed a scheduling module allowing users to book service appointments efficiently and a dealership module for seamless communication with authorized dealerships, enhancing the overall automobile experience for users.


Iladary is an advanced food delivery application designed to streamline the process of browsing menus from top suppliers and placing orders for home delivery through mobile devices. EvinceDev added a range of functionalities to enhance user experience and efficiency for both restaurants and customers.

Such additions include employing automation and AI technology to provide an innovative platform that ensures lower commission fees, faster delivery times, and robust payment support. The platform offers transparent pricing and provides a unique opportunity for users to earn money with every order. 


EmRes, a pioneering software ecosystem, is dedicated to offering Emotional Resolution training and sessions, aiding individuals struggling with PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, and other mental health issues with personalized content and one-on-one sessions led by EmRes practitioners. 

EvinceDev enhanced critical elements in the platform, such as account creation, subscription management, content accessibility, appointment scheduling, and practitioner-patient communication. 

The team also added functionalities, including personalized content delivery, robust encryption for data security, real-time encrypted chat, a seamless subscription system with automated renewals, and hassle-free upgrade/downgrade options, thus strengthening EmRes’s capabilities to cater to the diverse needs of its users while ensuring their privacy and convenience.

XP League

XP League is the platform for revolutionizing youth esports as North America’s premier Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) coach-led competitive gaming league. EvinceDev improved the platform by integrating PHP(WordPress) functionalities like streamlined backend management for franchisees and seamless navigation based on selected locations, enabling centralized updates across 200 location pages. 

The team also facilitated 3rd party integration for e-commerce, synchronizing class schedules, event details, and customer reviews, while Salesforce integration ensures efficient data management. With a focus on enhancing UI/UX and enabling dynamic menu implementation, EvinceDev has increased XP League’s impact in the esports community, catering to children and families nationwide.

Looking Forward

As February waves goodbye, EvinceDev stands confident for continued success, driven by a skilled team, innovative initiatives, and ambitious plans for the future. 

We warmly welcome you to explore our custom software development services. Feel free to connect with us to arrange a FREE consultation.

Keep an eye out for upcoming monthly updates and exciting advancements!

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