Impact of the Mobile apps on Travel and Tourism Industry

Impact of Mobile app on travel and tourism industry

Impact of the Mobile application on the Travel and Tourism Industry

Previously, people were more accustomed to the use of the guide books and checking magazines or periodicals for planning their upcoming tour. Travelers, as well as the common man, depended highly on the booking agents for purchasing their rail or flight ticket. They used to visit the reservation stores for booking their hotel room just by seeing the catalog. But IT Solutions for Travel Industry will help vast change in the mindset of the travelers.

These new travel and tourism apps developed the top mobile app development company by not only boosted its usage;
it also has changed the tourism industry. You can carry all the information right from “go” by using your smartphone. On the other hand, you are provided with the 360-degree view of the rooms and idea about the amenities provided in them. There is no added charge for paying the agents and most importantly, you are never misguided or forced to book any particular hotel. You can choose to book the hotel of your choice by reading the reviews and watching the ratings. Previous customers give feedback about the room, and you can use that for your convenience. You are offered with the combo offers while booking the hotels and tickets, and sometimes you are also provided with some rebate as you join any particular app by doing registration.

More than 150 million travelers now use the smartphone, and it is for this reason, they can now use the travel and tourism app developed by Android App development Company with just a single click. The payment system is also very secure while using this app. You can pay using the wallet, or you may use to pay using the credit/debit cards. Internet banking facility is also available through a secured payment gateway that monitors the transaction. Most interesting feature of these apps are, they not only just satisfy the travelers, but they strike a good bonding with the merchants also. Proprietors of the hotel as do not need to wait in a long queue to get a customer.

Some unknown facts about Travel and Tourism Apps
• More than 85% of the population uses the travel and tourism app when they are relaxing at any time of the day.
• 30% of the user uses the app to find the best deal related to the combo offers like flight and hotel booking, etc.
• 15% of the user uses the app to plan an upcoming trip.
• Travel & Tourism app ranks 7th in the category of the most downloaded apps.
• 15% users download the app just before going for a vacation.
• Companies now Hire Android App Developer to design their travel and tourism app.

Different purposes for using the Tourism & Travel apps

• Using map to locate tourist spots/ recreation zone – 49.1%
• Searching nearby Restaurant – 62.1%
• GPS navigation – 48.1%
• Hotel booking – 46%
• Joining offers and other types of offers (Combo offers) – 33.3%
• Set reminder for boarding notification – 23.9 %
• Purchase Tickets – 8.1%
• Search for Public Transport – 12.6%
• Search for Shopping – 36.1%
• Look for Hotel – 11.2%
• Weather updates – 55.8%

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