Few Things that Brands need to take care of when it comes to Digital Marketing

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In this emerging era of digital marketing, many companies shifted their way from offline media channels to digital advertising. While in offline channels like TV and print, we have no control over audiences and we just hope for the best in term of results but now with the digital marketing and online advertising we can target our ads to a specific gender, age, audience size and location as well which gives maximum performance and boosting ROI. We can also monitor our ads through real-time tracking and make improvements instantly.

Companies spent a quite significant amount of money and time on social media and advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook ads to boost their brand presence but there are some important facts that we need to keep in our mind. There have been significant changes in the Google and Facebook algorithms over the past two years. Most recently Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook announced that content published from the business pages will not be organically promoted on Facebook’s newsfeed section. It’s time to ask your marketing team about how your brand is being marketed online.

Here are few things that need to be taken care of by your digital marketing team to expand and strengthen your digital brand presence as a B2B or B2C company.

Building authority content

Content plays a key role in establishing and strengthening your brand whether it be blog content or video content, many well-known brands tend to be ones with lots of authoritative and engaging contents. For example- MOZ has defined themselves as the most authoritative source of information when it comes to B2B marketing. Millions of readers visit Moz’s blog page every month.

If we talk about B2C, Red Bull tend to use video content to receive millions of impressions and their YouTube videos get tens of millions of views, authoritative contents are the free source of enhancing brand presence. So, as an emerging brand, you need to make sure that whether your marketing department drives engagement with your content? Our content’s produced by them are of high-quality or not? And most importantly does it represent voice or message of your business?

Outreach and advertising methods

Having great content is one of the most lucrative ways of expanding brand presence but it will be of no use if no one can find it. So, it is important for your digital marketing team to outsource your brand contents with major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For example- Facebook allows brands to make their business Facebook page where they can reach their audiences, receive their feedback and improve their products. If used wisely it can be very useful in establishing loyalty of your brand.

Platforms like Google AdWords, Twitter, and Facebook allow you to reach the highly targeted audience. You can target people who are likely to be interested in your product. Let’s us understand with an example- If you are having a jewelry shop you will target mostly women of age groups between 18 to 60 and them likely to respond positively to your brand.

As a brand, you need to limit your reach so that only potential audience get to reach your contents and likely to become your customers.

Evaluating your data

Today we are using many social and digital media strategies to boost our brand presence and it’s very important to keep proper track of the data. Analyzing the data help you to measure your social media and website efforts. With Google Analytics and Facebook analytics, you can track your ad conversions, click through rate of your website, number of customer service inquiry and ROI of your investments.

Focus more on branding not conversions

With digital marketing, it becomes very easy to keep track of the response rate and profitability of ads, we can look up to our top performing placements and demographics. So when it comes to branding, most digital marketing strategies work best when there’s no sense of urgency. Let us understand with an example- we know that the world’s top branding campaigns don’t push you to take action or buy their products, their primary goal is to associate people with their brand name.

Nike’s famous commercial “Just Do It” don’t end with any call to action- they end with a flash of their logo same as Old Spice’s ads campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” didn’t encourage to buy their product, instead they just made it for something fun to the audience and boost their brand presence.

Branding is exactly like the waves of the sea- which begins with a small ripple and grows much larger and powerful when it picks momentum. Once you established yourself as a trusted brand you can bring a huge number of new customers without putting much marketing efforts.


To remain in competition brands ultimately need to stay educated and open to new strategies and trends, as well as they need to get connected with their audience on both online and offline channels for analyzing their customer behavior.

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