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Thursday, July 16, 2020
restaurant marketing strategiesvideo

Quick Restaurant Business Strategies in Lock Down

Parts of our world are now facing the virus pandemic at a varying degree. Humanity has been advised to...
reduce restaurant operating expensesvideo

8 Ways To Trim Down Your Restaurant Operating Cost

 One of the prime challenges faced by the restauranteurs nowadays is how to cut down the net operating expenses...
Transportation Business Growth

Will Growth In Transport Business Hit $12,256 Billion Mark by 2022? Part-I

Running late to be somewhere, then listen to our Blog's Podcast We are living in a world of numbers, which...
New Year Resolution 2020

Skip 2020’s New Year Resolutions. Instead, Determine Your Life With Re-solutions

The word ‘Resolution’ is over-rated. The word or the concept of it sounds quite cumbersome and redundant the way...

Winning Becoming A Habit.

The year is about to end, and Christmas is just around the corner. There is no other better way...
Black Friday Deal 2019

The Best Amazing Black Friday Deals for 2019!

The most awaited time of the year has arrived. Yes, Black Friday Deals! Though it is referred with an...
Mean Stack Technology

The Complete MEAN Stack Technology Guide For Your Business

We bring you all the latest updates regarding MEAN stack architecture and technology. Also, learn how developing web apps...
Transportation Industry

Growth hacks to Upscale Profit in the Transport Business

Global Insights in the Transport & Logistics business Increasing competition and reducing profit margins are creating significant challenges of growth...
Python development trends

The Trend Of Python Development 2019

Looking forward to the future, Python’s popularity is skyrocketing. For programmers, it is a good time to think about...
Medical marijuana

Future Of Medical Marijuana By 2030

4:20 is the slang in the Cannabis culture for the consumption of cannabis especially smoking cannabis around the time...


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