7 Reasons Why ASP.NET Will Speed Up Web Application

ASP.NET will speed up web applications

Why ASP.NET Will Speed Up Web Application

ASP.NET is a server-side application that is open-sourced in nature. It is a web application framework that is suited for producing dynamic web pages. It allows programmers to construct dynamic web applications and dynamic websites. ASP.NET developers can use compiled languages that include C++ and Visual Basics (VB). It was first developed in 2002. It is built on Common Language Runtime (CLR). Here are the following points that should be kept in mind while leveraging on optimizing web pages with the use of ASP.NET.

By using ASP.NET, cloud web applications can be made lightweight. With the help of cloud computing application specialist, the power of ASP.NET can be harnessed to develop robust applications that are cloud-based.

Cross-Platform in nature
With the help of ASP.NET, the applications can now be executed on many platforms that include Linux and MAC. The ASP.NET uses a K Runtime Environment that facilitates services on several platforms.

Aids inflexible hosting
The applications developed with the help of ASP.NET can now be hosted on Kestrel and OWIN. The IApplicationBuilder service in ASP.NET can now communicate to the host server that drastically speeds up the web application.

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Compilation Removed
By developing apps on ASP.NET, there is no need of combining apps in an explicit manner. Moreover, ASP.NET is an excellent way of removing complexities from the development process of an application. It is so because it when the apps are not combined in an explicit manner, it provides certain freedom to the developer. This in turn helps the developer to concentrate more on adding features in the application. Thus, the application becomes more enriched with features an as a result its popularity rises.

Unified Framework
The ASP.NET aids in merging all existing structures. In turn, by removing the existing structures, the web application can be sped up. Hence, there is a single pipeline for building applications.

A new feature for improved performance
The new HTTP pipeline helps the developer to pick any middle running programs in the development of the application. Hence, the application can be run with the desired functionality.

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Simple Configuration
By using ASP.NET, the developers, now have the freedom to store the configuration of the app in the Web.config file. This is turn improves the speed of the web application. On the other hand, by relying on a simple configuration the same Asp.net application development can be run on devices that have inferior hardware. Hence, ASP.NET is a boon for those devices that still runs outdated hardware and software.


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