Top 10 Reasons Why ASP.NET Will Speed Up Web Application Development

ASP.NET is a server-side application that is open-sourced in nature. It allows programmers to construct dynamic web applications and dynamic websites. Check in detail Why ASP.NET Will Speed Up Web Application development

Top 10 reasons why will speed up web application development

In today’s advanced technological world, it’s much easier now than it used to be to create a web application and streamline business processes. For trustworthy web development services, there are a variety of technologies, tools, and frameworks on the market. However, with so many options, it will be challenging to determine which technology is ideal for web development.

Overview – What is ASP.NET Core?

With the most recent version of ASP.NET for web development, Microsoft followed the path of Windows by giving customers the option of developing web applications on other platforms. The new framework’s high-performance, cross-platform, open-source functionality and cutting-edge technology allow the development of cloud-based web applications.

This cutting-edge program allows you to:

For complete information on business use case applications, benefits, and features, kindly refer to our post on “The Ultimate Guide on ASP.NET Core Development”.

Top Reasons to Choose ASP.NET To Speed Up Web App Development

1. Open-Source Framework

One of the significant reasons ASP.NET has acquired immense popularity among web application developers is its Open-Source code. Anyone can edit, review, or submit the framework code on GitHub. The huge Core community is also available to help those, which results in smooth and fast development.

There is no need to wait a long time to take benefit of the most recent developments because all upgrades and bug fixes are faster and delivered regularly.

You may add dot net core web framework components, modules, etc., based on the requirements of core project types. You don’t have to upgrade the framework fully when a new version or package is available; there is no doubt that this saves time.

2. Highly Versatile

Another critical reason an developer prefers ASP.NET Core development is its versatility. With the framework, you can build cutting-edge web applications and quickly migrate to mobile or desktop apps without hassle.

It provides you colossal versatility to combine your app development work and develop one that is top-notch, unique, and robust. One great feature that sets ASP.NET Core apart from other server-side-oriented programming languages is the ability to shift from one application development process to another.

3. Razor Pages

It is a new feature in the latest version of Microsoft’s dot net core web framework. The goal is to incorporate higher efficiency into page-focused environments. With the page-based coding framework, developers may create cutting-edge web User Interfaces while increasing efficiency.

This cutting-edge feature makes the framework less complex as it allows for creating self-contained app pages, each with a unique view. Furthermore, the codes for each page can be structured in a timely and effective manner.

Razor pages make it highly productive and straightforward to create online applications that are scalable, robust, and high-performance.

4. Cross-Platform Support

The cross-platform implementation architecture of NET development is one of its most attractive features. Even though it allows the creation of the framework only for Windows, tools, and apps created with it operate smoothly on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Using the Visual Studio IDE, developers can build web apps on any OS they prefer and work collaboratively.

Cross-platform compatibility, independent packaging, and independent installation are all features of.NET Core. Because of this, it’s an excellent framework for creating cutting-edge web apps. Regardless of the OS or platform, when the application is created, it allows reusing the code for application development.

5. Sophisticated Programming Features

Due to a significant revamp of the ASP.NET Core framework, which comes with several cutting-edge technologies, you can now use the ASP.NET stack. These consist of:

These features make building robust and progressive web apps simpler, quicker, and more efficient for developers.

6. High Performance

One of the essential aspects that developers take into account for effective ASP.NET development is superior performance. You can be assured of exceptional speed, flexibility, and scalability with ASP.NET Core, which makes writing consistent, reusable, and practical programming codes. With the ability to use tool optimization & core libraries, it is viable.

The one-of-a-kind web development platform allows automatic code optimization during code compilation. It enhances the functionality of the codes.

Furthermore, new concepts, faster release cycles, and memory and space allocation enhancements make it an efficient Open-Source framework for IoT, mobile, and cloud applications.

The modular architecture provides a reliable and economical solution across the applications, not only for developers. The dotnet core framework is now among the quickest and most reliable web frameworks, owing to the latest Kestrel web server.

7. Simplicity

The simplicity of the asp net core framework is another important factor in its future success. With this framework, essential features like form submission, client authentication, or site configuration are easiest to do and complete more quickly.

It has a tested Model, View, and Controller (MVC) architecture that makes it simple to test bespoke web applications and APIs by ensuring the uniqueness of concerns. As mentioned earlier, it enables the web development in, testing, and testing of apps in any architecture.

Since the codes are reusable, managing and modifying web application programming are easy. It has an easy-to-maintain server-side event-driven programming model.

Additionally, the built-in configuration data eliminates the need for a lengthy component registration process. Consequently, it is simpler to deploy applications.

8. Outstanding Developer Tools Available

Resharper, Jetbrains, and many more top-notch developer tools are readily available with ASP.NET Core, making creating, testing, and implementing many apps simpler.

Additionally, it includes Microsoft Visual Studio, one of the best IDEs for highly innovative ASP.NET apps. Advanced features like profiling, debugging, unit testing, code generation, GIT integration, and many more are made easier with its assistance.

A free community edition of Visual Studio’s most recent version is now accessible. So, using the text editor of your choice, you can now build web apps for ASP.NET Core in the form of simple text files.

9. Flexible App Deployment

Another factor that makes web apps a trustworthy option for developers is their convenience and flexibility in deployment. Typically, there are two methods for deploying the web application:

10. Support For Dependency Injection

You can add dependency injection to the entire stack with ASP.NET 5, which makes app development and testing easier. The controller has access to services at any point along the pipeline. To bootstrap the system, ASP.NET 5 includes a simple container readily replaceable with a different one tailored to your needs.


Regarding web app development, ASP.NET Core is the best technology. Microsoft has solved many problems by developing ASP.NET Core in one go. A single framework enables developers to create web applications, web services, mobile backends, and many other things.

Now is the ideal time to create robust web apps that might give your company a competitive edge. As a leading .NET development company, EvinceDev has command and experience in the language and has attempted to answer all queries you may have about .NET Core and why you should choose it. Don’t hesitate to reach us if got any queries. Our professionals are standing by to provide you with the best of


What is the best framework to build a web application?

The. NET Framework is the best framework for developing a web application because it allows developers to build Windows desktop & server-based apps, including ASP.NET Web applications.

Why is ASP.NET Core high performance?

Since it enables automated code optimization during code compilation, ASP.NET Core has high performance. It improves how the codes work and provides new ideas, quicker release cycles, improved memory and space management, and more.

What are the advantages of ASP.NET Core?

The advantages of ASP.NET Core involve:

Why is ASP.NET Core the best framework for web application development?

.NET Core supports cross-platform compatibility and independent packaging and installation. Because of this, it’s an excellent framework for creating cutting-edge web applications. No matter the OS or platform, when the app is created, it offers the ability to reuse the code again for app development.


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