5 Ways to Improve User Engagement Rate for Mobile Apps

Ways to Improve User Engagement Rate for Mobile Apps

If your business is a mobile app dependent, then you must know how important it is to engage users fruitfully. You may have invested a good amount to design a smart app, but if it is not appealing to your targeted client base, then the ultimate purpose is not served.

It might sound shocking, but statistics states that though people are spending more time on their mobile but around 45% mobile app users disliked their app experience. Of them, 34% abandoned the app totally as they lost interest. This happens due to some blunders committed by the app developers.

All users instinctively reach for their smartphones and apps to accomplish a task or get the information they need at any given moment. According to the Daily Mail, studies show that mobile devices are so ingrained in people’s daily lives that users check them 85 times a day — taking up five hours every day to get the information they need on demand.

Often it is seen that developers resort to gimmicks and latest trends to design the app. The strategy may deliver temporary result, but in the long run, it might backfire sometimes. Only with significant effort and intelligent thinking, it is possible to deliver a result-oriented mobile app.

Here we explain 5 simple strategies that can help build up and sustain a high level of user engagement rate.

Focus On an Appealing App Store Listing

A Smooth Journey On-Board

Now user download the app and decided to take a journey by having step-by-step guidelines to use the app efficiently and fruitfully. Just a screenshot of the app interface won’t suffice. You can take the help of experienced dedicated mobile app developers to create custom illustrations that best highlight the value proposition of your app.

Let Users Try the App before Buying

When the user visits your app for the first time, makes it simple and welcoming for him/her. If you make it mandatory for users to complete the registration process to take a preliminary look, then you may not see them back in your store ever again. Let them explore the app first before they commit. After a thorough browsing if they want to perform an action, then only the app should ask them to create an account with necessary details.

Incorporate Gaming Mechanics

Use gamification strategy to empower your app. When you incorporate digital game design elements and techniques, these help take user engagement to the next level. Give them enough reasons to come back to your app like interactive programs, competition, rewards, and incentives and so on.

Push Notifications Matter

Don’t let your app sink because of the water around them. In this highly competitive market, almost everyone comes up with new apps every day. Thus, your app may sink into oblivion if not provided the right push from time to time. By sending relevant push notifications, you can draw the crowd back into your app. However, it is important that you don’t send too many notifications as that can irritate the user. Let an expert app developer help you customize the push notification to make it more useful and relevant.

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Apart from the above measures, there are some other easy strategies that can be integrated to improve user engagement for your mobile app. To tailor the best strategy and ensure a positive outcome, you can always consult a reputable top mobile app development company.

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