Top 32+ Trending On-Demand App Ideas For Startups To Launch In 2024

Looking for the million dollar startup ideas to turn into the next big name in the market? Here is the 18+ trending startup ideas that you should look for!

Trending App Ideas For Startups To Launch

Apps have become a vital part of modern life in recent times, thanks to the increased use of mobile apps. Everything is virtually at your fingertips, from shopping to scheduling a doctor’s appointment, taking exercise courses, purchasing groceries, and booking a table in a restaurant.

By 2025, there will be more than 18 billion mobile devices worldwide, accommodating more than 299 billion apps. It presents a golden opportunity for startups to enter the market and launch apps that address various user needs.

Before delving into the app ideas, let’s take a moment to understand the mobile app landscape – 

If you are confusing whether or not investing in a mobile app is a good idea for your startup, check the following market statistics:

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What Are Some Of The Most Innovative Startup Business Ideas?

A startup is just like a new conception, but coming up with a unique app development idea isn’t simple. So, after researching mobile app development trends, demand, and income, we’ve compiled a list of good startup business ideas looking to invest in mobile apps in 2023:

1. Restaurant Online Food Ordering & Delivering System

Today, some people are so busy that they don’t have time to go to restaurants places and eat. These individuals, on the other hand, cannot go without food. As a result, developing a food delivery app is a great mobile app for startups.

The food ordering & delivering system app is a mobile application that allows users to place food orders from any restaurant in any location using their tablet or smartphone devices. Food is delivered to the customers’ doorsteps without hassle. Customers can pay through any payment method.

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2. Parking Space Finder App

This parking space finder app can assist users in locating a parking place in a specific location. The app can utilize GPS, cameras, location, and real-time parking data to locate a free parking place as quickly as possible.

3. Beverages Delivery App / Liquor Delivery App

This app provides your customers with whatever sort of drink or beverage they choose. You can manage the admin website for orders, the consumer mobile app for ordering their favorite beverages, and the mobile delivery app for delivery workers using this business-friendly liquor app. Customers may easily choose and add their favorite drink to their basket by searching by category or brand.

4. AI-Enabled Marketplace for Music Industry

Buying and selling musical instruments may be a time-consuming and challenging task for professional musicians. You may start an online marketplace for the music industry where people can purchase and sell new, used, and vintage musical instruments. One of the unique startup ideas is to ensure that a transaction or purchase is made at an acceptable price to both parties. It allows sellers to check previous follows relevant to their feed to make an auto offer. The user should establish auto-bid criteria depending on the condition selected and verify whether or not the seller is a power buyer.

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    5. Online Pharmacy App

    This type of app is in high demand currently. COVID-19 is the cause, and it’s a simple one. We’re up against the hidden enemy, and the only way to prevail is to stay home as much as possible.

    If someone is unwell, they are unlikely to want to go out and buy medicine. Furthermore, nobody would want their loved ones to go out and risk becoming sick. Pharmacy delivery apps may be able to help in these situations. Due to pharmacy apps or prescription delivery apps, people may now get the medicines they need anytime they want.

    6. Travel Planning App

    The travel planning app will help you arrange your dream vacation. You have to fill in information such as your budget, preferred location, and other details about your vacation that are most attractive to you, and the app will recommend the best place and time of year for you to visit.

    7. Online Fashion Store

    With the lightning-fast Magento mobile app solutions for your online fashion stores, you can take your business to new heights and create lucrative income by building customers’ trust. A simple user interface provides your consumers with easy-to-follow visual instruction.

    For mobile app users, you may customize promotional offers and product sliders. The actions on your store reflect real-time synchronization. The whole solution is bespoke/tailored to your business requirement and flawlessly represents your vision.

    8. Logistics & Transportation App

    A logistics app is a software application designed to help businesses manage logistics operations. It provides tools and features that enable businesses to streamline their shipping, delivery, and transportation processes more efficiently. It can include route optimization, tracking and monitoring deliveries, real-time updates, and communication with drivers and customers.

    The goal of logistics app development is to create a platform to help businesses streamline their logistics operations, reduce costs, improve delivery times, and enhance the overall customer experience.

    9. Nearby You App

    The NearByYou app makes it simple to know about your surroundings. You may also add custom categories to your search, saving them in your history/summary list for future reference. NearByYou also displays information about the locations you’ve looked up, such as a link to their website, address, distance from your present location, and phone number.

    The app gets its data from the Google Place API, so it’s constantly up to date. You search within a 35-kilometer radius of your present location using NearBy. This app can also provide directions.

    10. Online Dating App

    Gone are the times when people found dates through mutual friends. Nowadays, online dating is getting increasingly popular and is amongst new business startup ideas. That is why one of the best app ideas for a startup is a dating app. Allow users to search for single persons in their area who are also seeking a date.

    As we all know, Tinder was a big success, and the same might happen with your mobile app. A dating app brings individuals who share the same interests, such as romance, casual sex, or friendship. Users may generally view pictures and communicate with one another via chats and video calls using applications.

    11. Online Buyer seller Marketplace

    While the barter system is no longer in use, many folks still seek a platform to exchange goods instead of paying for them outright. People can significantly benefit from a buyer-seller marketplace app that facilitates barter trading or allows them to compute barter exchange prices. Persons can connect to conduct such transactions.

    12. Carpooling App

    The real-time car-sharing app allows users to list their vehicles whenever they are heading someplace so that other users may share the ride if it is convenient for them and divide the cost.

    13. Grocery Delivery App

    Grocery delivery apps have now been gaining popularity in the industry for a long time. Its popularity is also due to the pandemic scenario.

    Grocery shopping apps link customers with local stores and dispatch people to pick up and deliver their orders. Customers are protected by such applications, which deliver groceries from a local supermarket to their homes.

    14. Virtual Group study App

    Students may get together on a shared forum and study for their examinations with other students studying the same topic. They may use the virtual group study app to access study materials, tools, chat assistance, and guides, among other things.

    15. Language Learning App

    People are learning new things in increasing numbers to broaden their life experiences and improve their skill set. Create a language learning app that helps users learn the A, B, C, and Ds of new languages and then proceed according to their knowledge level.

    16. Doctor Appointment Scheduling App

    This doctor appointment scheduling app will almost certainly become the future of modern treatment. It enables patients, physicians, and healthcare brands to interact, exchange, and receive reports and consultations from anywhere using a simple yet powerful technology device such as a smartphone.

    17. Business Listing Directory App

    A directory app is amongst the tech startup ideas that display audiences or app users’ business listings structured by categories. Advanced features may enable app users to do a location-based search, which indicates that mobile voice searches are 300 percent more likely to be location-specific.

    You may make money by charging users to access information on your directory portal. You may charge your audience to access specific listings by making them private. If the directory is in a niche where people pay to access private listings, it might be an excellent way to generate money.

    18. Wholesale Distributor App

    The wholesaler distributor app is an excellent business to start up for distributing items to buyers. The end-user can choose from a wide selection of items. The end-user may choose between a wholesaler or individual login/registration option, choose the product and quantity needed, check out the bulk buy and special group discount offers, add the items to the cart, complete the checkout, and track the order details.

    19. Online Ordering & Delivery Business App

    Cake ordering apps are not uncommon. However, most of them have poor user interfaces. Furthermore, ordering customized cakes is rarely a possibility.

    It may be an excellent mobile app idea for bakers recognized for their unique customized cakes or home bakers who need a digital platform for their business.

    20. Virtual Clothes Shopping App

    The user will check if the clothing they wish to buy fits them better and how they appear in various styles using this virtual clothes shopping app. Instead of wasting so much time changing clothing in the dressing room and waiting in line, the user may save time using this app.

    21. Real Estate App

    Real estate app development is creating a software application that allows users to search, buy, sell, and rent properties. It involves designing and coding the app, integrating various features such as property search, listings, property details, and real-time updates, and testing and launching the app. Real estate applications aim to create an efficient, user-friendly, and reliable platform that streamlines the real estate process for individuals and professionals.

    22. Scan and Shop App

    The Scan and Shop app is poised to redefine the shopping experience. This app lets users scan their smartphones’ barcodes or QR codes on products. Once scanned, the app provides extensive information about the product, including pricing, customer reviews, and specifications. 

    Beyond that, it offers the convenience of instant online purchases, eliminating the need to stand in long checkout lines. This app is ideal for modern shoppers who want to make informed decisions quickly and effortlessly.

    23. Mall Navigation App

    Shopping malls can often be bewildering and challenging to navigate. The Mall Navigation App provides a solution. It offers indoor maps of malls, complete with store directories.

    Users can input the store they are searching for, and the app will provide step-by-step directions to help them reach their destination efficiently. Real-time location tracking further enhances the shopping experience, ensuring shoppers never lose their way.

    24. Employee Communication App

    Effective internal communication is essential in remote work and distributed teams. An Employee Communication App is designed to streamline and facilitate communication within organizations.

    It offers many features, including instant messaging, announcements, event management, and document sharing. These tools enhance employee collaboration and teamwork, fostering a more engaged and connected workforce.

    25. Voice Translation App

    In our increasingly globalized world, the need for seamless communication across language barriers is more significant than ever. A voice translation app bridges different languages, enabling users to translate spoken or written words in real time.

    These apps leverage advanced technologies such as speech recognition and machine translation to provide accurate and rapid translations. Travelers, international business professionals, and anyone seeking to communicate across language barriers can benefit from this app.

    26. Video Editing App

    With the surge in content creation across various social media platforms, the demand for user-friendly video editing tools has never been higher. A video editing app enables users to edit and enhance their videos directly from their mobile devices.

    It provides features like filters, effects, cropping, and text overlays, empowering users to create professional-quality videos without expensive software or equipment. These apps cater to the growing community of content creators and social media influencers.

    27. Handyman App

    Finding reliable professionals for household repairs and maintenance can be challenging in our fast-paced world. An On-Demand Handyman App simplifies this process by connecting users with skilled handypersons and service providers in their area.

    Through the app, users can easily book services, obtain price quotes, track the progress of their requests, and make secure payments. This concept brings convenience and trust to home improvement and repair services, making it a lucrative idea for startups.

    28. Bus Booking App

    Public transportation remains a vital mode of commuting in many regions. A Bus Booking App streamlines the process of reserving bus tickets. 

    It offers users detailed route information, the ability to book tickets online, real-time bus tracking, and the convenience of selecting preferred seats. This app enhances passengers’ travel experience and helps bus operators manage their services more efficiently.

    29. Price Comparison App

    Savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for the best deals and offers. A Price Comparison App is designed to help users make informed purchasing decisions by comparing prices across various online retailers.

    Users input the product they’re interested in, and the app displays prices from different sources, enabling them to find the most cost-effective option. This app is valuable for budget-conscious consumers looking to save time and money.

    30. Packers & Movers App

    Moving to a new home or office is a complex and stressful process. A Packers & Movers App simplifies the relocation experience by connecting users with reliable moving and packing services. 

    Users can request price quotes, schedule their moves, and even track the progress of their belongings during transit. This app gives a one-stop solution for all things related to moving, making it a welcome addition to the list of startup ideas for 2024.

    31. Fintech App

    Financial technology, or fintech app development, continues to reshape how we manage and use our money. A Fintech App can encompass various financial services, including mobile banking, digital wallets, investment management, peer-to-peer lending, and more. 

    These apps cater to the growing demand for efficient and user-friendly financial services. They offer convenience, security, and a seamless experience for users seeking to manage their finances in the digital age.

    32. Fantasy Sports App

    Fantasy Sports Apps have experienced a surge in popularity, with millions of users participating in fantasy leagues and competitions.

    These apps enable users to create virtual sports teams, select real-world athletes, and compete with others based on the athletes’ actual performance in real games. 

    Fantasy sports app often offers a sense of competition, camaraderie, and the excitement of being a sports team manager.

    33. Medication App

    Staying on top of medication and health management is essential for many individuals. An On-Demand Medication App is designed to simplify this process by offering features like prescription management, medication reminders, and the option to order medications online for home delivery. 

    These apps benefit individuals with chronic health conditions, seniors, and caregivers needing to track medication schedules accurately.

    34. Donation App

    The spirit of giving and philanthropy is alive and well. A donation app can connect donors with causes and organizations they are passionate about.

    Users can make one-time or recurring donations to support various charitable initiatives, from local community projects to global humanitarian efforts. These apps make giving back to the community more manageable and more accessible.

    35. Shipment Tracker App

    In an e-commerce and global trade era, people often receive packages and shipments from various carriers.

    A Shipment Tracker App provides real-time package tracking, ensuring users stay informed about their shipments’ status and estimated delivery times. Such apps offer convenience and peace of mind, especially for avid online shoppers.

    36. Investment App

    Investing is no longer limited to financial experts and Wall Street professionals. An Investment App brings the power of investment and wealth management to the fingertips of everyday users. 

    These apps provide a platform to invest in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and other assets. They often include tools for research, analysis, and portfolio management. Investment Apps cater to individuals seeking to grow wealth and achieve financial goals.

    37. Automotive App

    Automobiles are an integral part of our lives, and many people seek information and services related to their vehicles. 

    An Automotive App can offer many features, from car maintenance guides and price comparisons for automotive parts to reviews and recommendations. These apps are valuable for car enthusiasts and anyone looking to make informed decisions for their vehicles.

    How Do I Validate My App Idea?

    Ideas provide value to people’s lives by providing a glimpse of what is possible. It may be the beginning of an idea for an app that solves a variety of everyday difficulties. Building an app might be a side project. It would help if you first validated your app ideas.

    The steps below will help you validate your best startup ideas and ensure that they can fulfill the existing market’s needs while also delivering a high-quality solution.

    Startup Guide: How to Validate Your Startup Idea? what is idea validation and how to evaluate a startup idea. Read Here

    How Does It Cost To Build An App?

    The price of developing an app varies depending on the platform and features. You must decide if you want to develop the app for Android, iOS, or both platforms, as well as the features you want to add. The design, premium APIs, and technology are all critical variables that impact the cost of an app. A basic on-demand app takes about 150 to 200 hours to develop.

    How Do Apps Make Money?

    You must consider monetizing your app after building it for your company or business start-up. Advertising is the most frequent and possibly the easiest to deploy. It is usually done through banner advertising. Several ecommerce companies provide free applications for selling physical products. However, if you have a great app, you’ll almost certainly be able to generate money with it.

    How Does It Cost To Build An App For My Idea?

    The type of app, the number of features, the design and pricing of the IT company you pick, the cost of marketing & QA, and so on all affect app development expenses. You can determine the typical cost of building an app in four simple steps:

    SWOT Analysis of your Startup Idea


    As we approach 2024, the mobile app industry remains a thriving startup space. App ideas encompass a spectrum of user needs, from shopping and navigation to communication, entertainment, and finance. 

    To succeed in this competitive landscape, startups must offer user-friendly, feature-rich, innovative solutions.

    For startups looking to turn these app ideas into reality, partnering with experienced mobile app development services providers is crucial. Such collaborations can help create high-quality, reliable apps that meet user needs and expectations.

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